Kelly Bensimon Plastic Surgery Before & After


We may sick and bored when talking about The Real Housewives of New York City’s cast plastic surgery. But well, their plastic surgery including Kelly Bensimon plastic surgery is still kind of interesting topic to be talking too. Well, we know that this American former model, author, socialite and former editor of Elle Accessories isn’t someone that you can called ugly. Due she was a model in the past, we know that at least she have a beautiful face and sexy body above average woman. But well being socialite and of course joining that reality show seems force her to get the physical enhancement done through plastic surgery. Though many said she doesn’t need any procedures at all, but seems that she already doing it.

Kelly Bensimon plastic surgery before and after

Judging from Kelly Bensimon plastic surgery before and after, the plastic surgery procedure not only aimed to makes her appear younger. Yes the traces of plastic surgery before and after not only visibly seen on the facial area only. It seems that the plastic surgery also obviously seen on her body too. Its likely that as a former model and the woman in her 46 years old, she need doing something to enhanced her appearance more through plastic surgery. Not only for the facial part only but also to returning her body shape of course.

Botox injection for former model Kelly Bensimon

Its true that this woman used to very beautiful, and we admit it. But her age is already 467 years old now and of course as public figure, being older is like a nightmare. That why today her face showing the clear indication of botox injection. That face looks tighter and stiffed with pulled facial skin condition. Her forehead bit lifted though it looks rigid and smooth. Her face may looks smooth but it seems frozen too.

She got breast augmentation for Playboy magazine

Judging from the before and after picture, this woman also showing the indication that she got breast augmentation too. Many said that she gets that breast augmentation done to appeared in playboy magazine. It because for the woman in 46, her breast is remain stronger and persistent. It looks so though and not saggy at all strengthens the speculation about the breast augmentation done.

The expert opinion about Kelly Bensimon plastic surgery

Some experts believed that Kelly Bensimon plastic surgery speculation is true. Some of them even praised the plastic surgery result and said that she looks great with it. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Sometimes it may take a small revision after a cosmetic procedure to achieve the desired look and results. Kelly Bensimon’s breasts look perfect!”

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