Kelly LeBrock Plastic Surgery Before & After


Everybody must agree that Kelly LeBrock plastic surgery is really ruined her beautiful face. Well its common for every woman to feel insecure as they getting older and spotted aging sign at their face. This American actress and model who was born on March 24, 1960 in New York, New York, U.S. is also human being that feeling the same too. And well though still a controversy, but consider plastic surgery is personal choice and every woman have their right to do or not to do this procedure. But what if the plastic surgery ruined their face instead of making it beautiful and younger? The hurt and hard feeling must be felt too by this woman who acting debut was in The Woman in Red.

Kelly LeBrock Plastic Surgery

Kelly LeBrock Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kelly LeBrock plastic surgery before and after

Yes it’s true that many people will said that Kelly LeBrock plastic surgery really ruined her face. Through before and after picture, you know that she seems too afraid to getting older and put herself too often for plastic surgery. The sad and awful result can be seen through her before and after picture. It seems that she pushed herself so hard so she could reach that youthful looks as her glory. But instead of looking younger, seems that the actress has been botched her face through excessive plastic surgery procedure.

Is Botox too much for Kelly LeBrock ?

Lets blaming botox as the procedure that makes this woman looks so different and bit awful today. The botox injection actually gibing her that wrinkles free appearance. Her face looks so tight and toned with smooth and flawless too. The botox also managed to relaxed the frown that may appeared on her forehead area. But it also leaving bit frozen and too tight appearance on her facial area. Some said this woman looks like wearing a porcelain mask and it really not too good for her.

Eyelid surgery and lip enhancement for Kelly LeBrock

The facial filler indication also can be seen from her before and after picture. It seems that the filler was injected into the cheek area makes it looks stronger and not hollow. Beside that the actress may also gets the lip enhancement too. Her lip seems larger and bigger with too pouted looks. That thicker lip looks unnaturally for her and seems added the awful looks for her face.

What does the expert say?

Different opinion that delivered by plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn. To him,. Plastic surgery makes this woman looks good and wonderful yet aging gracefully. “She appears to be aging well, although I suspect some plastic surgery may be helping her. I suspect that lip plumping injections could be at work here. Has she had any surgery to retain her good looks? Tough to say, although a facelift and eyelid lifts aren’t out of the question,” said the doctor about Kelly LeBrock plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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