Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery is Perfect


Kardashian’s family is well known of their plastic surgery case. It also happens to Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery gives a perfect result. Although in some of the procedure Kim denied it, the fact is cannot be hidden anymore. Let start from her forehead. She tried to remove her spectacular hairlines on her forehead. Although we do not know what makes it becomes a disturbing thing, we try to analyze Kardashian’s family habit which always wants to look perfect. That happens to Kim and her sister too. Not only removing a small thing, she also did Botox to keep her face looked young. Therefore, after had a son, do you think her face get older and full of wrinkles? Do you see her butt and boob just like a new mother? It is totally not!

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery focuses on every detail things. Although she ignores the public opinions about it, she could not avoid the fact of Juvederm and lips injection she had. Sharp and thin face with no wrinkles complete to sharp chin make her face looks perfect. Butt and boob which she claimed as a result of maternity are denied by the public. The fact said that she did laser to her boob only to remove the stretch mark. Her boob is also fuller and it is not because of the breastfeeding effect. How about her butt? It is totally awesome and full. She must be done something on it. Her body does not show if she already has a son.

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery may take too much cost which beyond of our mind. She pays a lot of attention to each detail. It means, she is ready to pay on every detail she wanted. She said that her pointed nose is because of the makeup effect, but doctors said it was because of rhinoplasty. Her butt is also because of the effect of augmentation. Her full breast might be because of implants. She might refuse every comment which comes to her, but she cannot refuse the fact that the under knife process she did might put the fat on her belly and put it in her butt so that it will not be seen in x-ray.

Kardashian’s family is a king of this procedure. The public does not understand about this family’s mindset. However, the most probable thing we may conclude is they want to get the instant beauty without spending too much time and too many processes to get it like having diet and exercise. It might be a dangerous mindset, but because of most of the family members did the same things and do not get any side effect yet, another family member will try the same way too. They may think as long as they can choose a great surgeon and great place to do under the knife procedure, everything is fine. It means that Kim Kardashian plastic surgery is also in a high level of success with no side effects.

No one could ensure the safety of plastic surgery procedure. The first thing we may conclude from this statement is because of everyone has her own autoimmune. In this case, our body will refuse every strange particle and substance entered to the body. The effect of this refusing is different from one person to another person. The fatal one dies. The second probability is the body will accept the substance which comes to the body but in temporary time. The acceptance could happen when the substance has the similar structure to our cell, but everything is just a temporary event. We may conclude that in some of the next years, we will see our cell is not working as well as its first function. It is because of there is another substance who changed its function.

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery doctors might be already thought about it and try to give her the best substance ever, but the control is should be done regularly. The whole of her life should depend on the doctor and any supplement to keep her body and skin keep glowing. It is not a good idea to depend on someone in the whole of your life. It is not a wise decision.

She may get a perfect body with full of people appraisal and proud only for today. We should see the continuous story of Kim Kardashian plastic surgery. Once she stops to control it, will she keep to look young? No one can give a guarantee for it. Therefore, it is a nice decision to not follow what Kim did or choose Kim as your idol or get obsessed with her. It gives you many negative effects such as bankrupt, dies soon because your process of plastic surgery is cannot be the same as what Kim did and the fatal one is you choose the cheaper one. Well, it is up to you, but to put Kim Kardashian as your favorite idol and want to look like her, throw away your dream!

Many ways could be done to improve someone’s career and the one of it is by making any sensation. Kim Kardashian plastic surgery could be one of it. It is just a sensation that she made to attract and make public keep on paying attention to her. What do you think about it? once she made a change to her body, media will record it and find the explanation behind it. She will blow up to the media and sure, attract public eyes. This is the aim of what she did so far. Recall your mind on this statement. What do you think about the sensation she made? Is it the real sensation? If you ask me, then I will say Yes! It just a kind of thing to attract public attention to keep thinking about Kim Kardashian’s news, gossip, rumor, and life. Check again about another issue and gossip about her and check the rating of the TV program who broadcast about her lifestyle.

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