Korean Plastic Surgery Before And After Celebrities Who Admits the Surgery

When we are talking about Korean plastic surgery before and after, it cannot be explained very well. It is caused by the perfect results that we got every time we try to find the differences between both photos. For your information, plastic surgery is not a taboo topic for the people of Korea. They who have undergone the surgery will admit that they have done it for some reasons. The main reason is to enhance their current appearance or look. In this post, we will show some Korean actors and K-Pop idols who have admitted that they did plastic surgery.

Lee Si Young


This My Beautiful’s actress has admitted that she got several surgeries especially around ten years ago. She admits that she really want to make her face like her current face after the plastic surgeries. In other words, she is satisfied with her plastic surgery that she has done ten years ago. In an interview, she added that it is okay for all articles to publish all about her plastic surgery because there is nothing to be hid about this transformation. When we see on this Korean plastic surgery before and after, we have seen big differences on her facial expressions after all.

Kim Hyun Joong


Every teenager has to know with this SS501 member. He is one of our actors who admit his Korean plastic surgery before and after. With his role on Boys Over Flowers, many girls in the world love to see his face and entire looks on the television. That is why this man has grown to be popular as Korean actor. He admits that he got nose bridge surgery when he was young. Moreover, the surgery was also caused by an accident. He claimed that his nose got an accident and it should have to be fixed. At the moment, he asked the doctor to raise his nose bridge. AS a result, his handsomeness appears easily on his face right now.

Korean Plastic Surgery Before And After Shin Eun Kyung


Getting jaw surgery has been ever undergone by Korean talented actress Shin Eun Kyung. For your information, this kind of surgery will never make you feel enjoy because it threaten our ability to speak. But, Shin Eun Kyung decided to do jaw surgery for a simple reason. She wants everyone to know that she does not always have angry face in her entire life. She admits that people who ever talked to her before the surgery did not know whether she was happy or not because her neutral face always showed angry face. Moreover, she also wanted to remove her boyish appearance on her facial expressions. It was like an adventure for her. Take a look this Korean plastic surgery before and after.

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