Korean Plastic Surgery – The Most Popular Surgery in Korea


If we talk about Korean plastic surgery, we cannot be far away from the surgeries. Yes, this country is so popular with the surgery procedures based on the fact on the field that we found so far. For your information, the numbers are the highest one in the world. What is the most surgery that happens in Korea? The answer is blepharoplasty. It is a surgery that concerns about double eyelid of women or men. Actually, this is not only on Korea but also the world. We got that there were around 1.43 million people who had done double eyelid surgery in 2014 ago.

Korean Plastic Surgery

Controversy about Blepharoplasty

Why Korean plastic surgery prefers to Blepharoplasty than other parts of human body? First of all, you have to know about the meaning of blepharoplasty. We have said that it is the surgery which changes the current form or human eyelid. Based on critics, many people especially Asian want to the less Asian and that is why they do blepharoplasty so badly these days. Back again to the classic issue of every woman in the world which is all about beauty. Women believe that bigger eyes will get bigger attractiveness from others. This fact is also supported by many Koreans have no double eyelid line. As we can see, they look so sleepy and tired with their natural eyes, right?

Korean Plastic Surgery Fun Facts

According to one of our interviewees, this Korean plastic surgery is not only enthused by women, but also men. He said that there are around twenty percent of his patients who are considered as male. That is not a small number by the way. Another fun fact about blepharoplasty is about the costs or prices which should be not cheap. But, the fact that doubles eyelid surgery does not spend much money. In other words, this surgery is the cheapest surgery operation so far. We just need to prepare around one until three thousand dollars to get this beauty surgery.

Racial History

This is not a fun fact by the way that is the reason why we place on its own section. The history of double eyelid surgery is not as fun as the facts above. For your information, this surgery was come since the Korean War in 1950s. This is the symbol of America who had ever dominated the South Korea in the past. He was Dr. Ralph Millard who was the pioneer of Korean plastic surgery in the past.

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