Kristen Wiig Nose Job Before & After


There are many celebrity who has nose job procedure but still, talking about Kristen Wiig nose job is one of the interesting one. We don’t know why but may be because that nose looks so iconic and quite amazing. Seems that this American actress, comedian, writer, and producer who was born in Canandaigua, New York, on August 22, 1973 having a nose that you can call iconic and epic. Of course Hollywood has another nose that may very interesting and quite attractive. You can called Angelina Jolie as a celebrity whose her nose has inspired many women to do a plastic surgery to having a nose like her. We know it well because Jolie is kind of woman who seems proud with her nose. Angelina Jolie nose also rumored has been touched with the plastic surgery knife and we know it well too. But what makes Kristen Wiig nose job is also interesting like Jolie did?

Kristen Wiig Nose Job

Kristen Wiig Nose Job Before & After

Kristen Wiig Plastic surgery before and after

Even the actress won’t open up her own mouth, by comparing her before and after picture you know that her nose looks changed and different. It seems that the changing on her nasal area is too obvious and we can noticed it at glance after compared her before and after picture. A question that poop out when we compared her nose job before and after. What does she is looking for cause her old nose already look good on her? Yes many will agree that her old nose looks much-much better than her recent nose. Of course we cant denied the facts that her nose used to bulbous, big and a little bit wider in the nasal cartilage. But it looks natural and normal rather than with her new nose today. Her new nose looks so weird and far with you can called as normal. That nose looks smaller in the nasal bridge and too rounded for the cartilage part. It seems that the actress tries to make the tip looks rounded but you can see that instead of getting round, it looks like swollen unnaturally.

Does Kristen Wiig nose looks weird?

Whenever you see her appearance, you must be agreed that her new nose looks so weird and not normal. Yes we know that she is a beautiful actress with a charm and sweet looks. But her nose is a big no for her. That nose seems ruined her appearance and she looks odd with her nose as the result from plastic surgery. It feel like there is something wrong with her face and lets blame it to her nose.

What is Kristen Wiig response then?

Lucky, the celebrity seems not too affected with the facts that her nose looks weird and not normal. She seems quite confidence and didn’t really care to what people say. The actress also didn’t feel a shame to show her nose in front of public even some said that Kristen Wiig nose job is really something unnecessary for her.

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