Lauren Conrad Plastic Surgery Before & After


Let’s say that Lauren Conrad plastic surgery is too early for her. This woman who rise to stardom through her role in the reality television series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, is still 29 years old. Yes she was born on February 1, 1986 in Laguna Beach, California is still 29 years old.. People then wonder does she really need that plastic surgery for very young age? Of course she isn’t celebrity who seems too young for plastic surgery. We may say that there are more younger celebrity that also got physical enhancement through plastic surgery at early age. But still her plastic surgery makes people wonder and asking a question, does she really need that surgery much?

Lauren Conrad plastic surgery before and after

Looking at Lauren Conrad plastic surgery before and after, you may then realize that the plastic surgery really enhanced her looks. Yes we should admit that through her before and after picture, this woman looks more attractive and stunning. We can’t say that she was ugly or not attractive. Actually, she used to very pretty and having that natural beauty. But we know well that her status is celebrity now. Seems that she took the plastic surgery to enhanced her looks. That why right now though she looks beautiful, it is a celebrity looks and not the natural one.

Lauren Conrad plastic surgery for botox

Really at her 29 years old, her face shows us that the botox already injected there. Yes its true that at early 30s, woman will shows her aging sign slowly. But they still can covered it up with proper makeup. But this actress seems not patient enough to wait that 30s to get botox injection. Her forehead that looks rigid with bit lifted condition strengthens the speculation about botox injection for her. Botox may help her having smooth skin but it also left the unnatural looks too there.

Chin implants for Lauren Conrad

She may also get the facial shape defined through the chin implant procedure. She used to have triangular face with bit sharper chin. It actually enough to make her attractive and pretty. But now, her face is looks more oval with bit rounder chin area. Her chin looks subtle and getting longer as you can say she may gets the chin implant surgery too.

She may gets breast implant too

The other unnecessary thing for her is that breast implant procedure. Though her breast is not too big, but it stay still there and looks though. But we can say that to obtain the celebrity looks, she tries to makes her assets bigger. That why Lauren Conrad plastic surgery also performed on her breast area to make it bigger, rounder and tougher.

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