Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery Before & After


Born in Boston on 1953, Lauren Ariel Koslow has been successful in keeping her existence in film industry. Lauren is most well-known for her serial drama, Days of Our Lives, which she has starred since 1996. Still exist in her 60’s and actively performed in films and television shows, Lauren has made public astonished by her young looks and charm. It seems that age cannot diminish her charm and her ‘wickedness’ through the character she played as Kate Roberts in Days of Our Lives. Having degree in theater as well as costume design, Lauren and her husband, Nick Schillace who has profession as makeup artist, have been living in California together with their children.

Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery

Lauren Koslow Plastic Surgery Before & After

Being happy with her little family, Lauren seems consistent in keeping her looks perfect no matter her age. Her photos show flawless skin of her, even when other women in her age cannot avoid wrinkles and loose skin. This is why most people questioning Lauren’s flawless look. It is said that she was for sure has had plastic surgery to improve her looks. It is common for older and veteran artists to do Botox and face-lifting to make their faces look more beautiful and young as when they were. Looking at the photographs, some may say that the botox injection and facelift are successfully done for Lauren Koslow. She is able to look young, bright, and beautiful with her ‘younger’ skin. No one will recognize her age only by seeing her now. Yes, it is clearly understood why most people are sure enough that Lauren has undergone the surgery. Compare her with your grandmother on the same age and you’ll know immediately what the difference is.

It is common for artist to try as hard as possible to keep their performances perfect. However, Lauren’s role in the television dramas she’s starred should not concern that much in the wrinkles. Despite removing her aging signs, it is more useful to keep her act unforgettable after all. If the rumors are true, it is Lauren’s decision to have the surgery no matter what the reason. Hopefully, this “Kate Roberts” can still manage to give her best performance even though she’s grown older along the time.

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