Lea Thompson Plastic Surgery Before & After


She doesn’t have time machine but plastic surgery. Yes Lea Thompson may looks so great and fascinating today with the great help of plastic surgery. that why she looks so wonderful and younger even her age is already 65 years old. But I bet that many mistook her as woman in 40s because she looks so great and able to disguise her real age perfectly. This American actress, television director and television producer who best known through her role as Lorraine Baines in the Back to the Future trilogy knows everything well about the secret to get the younger looks as you can see today. But of course this woman who was born in Rochester, Minnesota, on May 31, 1961 may know well about time machine. But it isn’t her secret to appear younger as you see today.

Lea Thompson Plastic Surgery

Lea Thompson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lea Thompson plastic surgery before and after

Look at her before and after and then you will see that this actress found her real fountain of youth. Of course by observing her before and after picture, you know well she has been blessed with good genes. Her younger picture shows us that she is naturally beauty so it still left there till her age over 60s years old. And her picture still shows us that plastic surgery giving her so much benefit which is will make another actress envy her so much.

Good genes or Botox for Lea Thompson?

Its likely that the actress tries to combined her good genes with the help from plastic surgery. The botox seems working well to help her genes keep her pretty and youthful looks. We do realize well that botox actually give some benefit to keep the youthful looks. This actress knows everything about it. She then took small and moderate dosage only to help her good genes preserve her youthful looks. Botox help her removed every visible aging sign from her face and left the amazing appearance on her.

Lea Thompson and facelift procedure

The actress may also get the facelift procedure because her face isn’t saggy at all. Her skin looks tight and toned but not overdoing and still very naturally. It seems that she also put the lightest facelift procedure to keep her youthful looks. That why even her face looks tighter but she looks aging gracefully and naturally.

So what is Lea Thompson answer then?

Unfortunately, when asking about plastic surgery, the actress seem denied having it to preserve her youthful looks. She said “”I keep my beauty regime pretty simple and natural,” she says. “I can’t use those intense glycolic acids. I keep it pretty basic. It seems really scary to me to do anything else.” Her vague answer makes us wonder, does she tried to denied the plastic surgery speculation?

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