Lee Grant Plastic Surgery Before & After


It’s hard for being older moreover if you life as a celebrity. You can say that this American stage, film and television actress, and film director, Lee Grant is one of celebrity who have a feeling that being older is a nightmare. And well we know that she is kind of actress that full of controversy and has been blacklisted from radio, film, and most television work, from 1952 through 1964. And when her age is getting older, she also made any controversy by looking awful and not well due overdoing plastic surgery procedure.

Lee Grant Plastic Surgery

Lee Grant Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lee Grant plastic surgery before and after

Judging from Lee Grant plastic surgery before and after, we should admit that this woman has playing bit harder with plastic surgery. As we know that being old is kind of a nightmare for some celebrities. And Lee Grant may experience the same thing too. The plastic surgery may the only way for her to preserve her youthful looks and enhanced her appearance more. But unfortunately, the plastic surgery seems giving her a negative result. Her plastic surgery before and after seems showing the awful result rather than the best one. Its true that in her 82 years old she looks energetic and fit. But that plastic surgery seems makes us forgetting the fact that she was beautiful woman in the past. And once again, we should admit that she got a little bit bad experience with plastic surgery.

Awful facelift for Lee Grant

Lets blaming facelift as the only and the most possible surgery that botched her face. But of course we can’t avoid the fact that facelift only isn’t the only thing who have responsibility that ruined Lee Grant face. From the before and after picture, its likely that this woman has multiple facelift procedure. At first, the facelift seems working well on her. But in the end and she repeated the procedure more and more, the facelift makes her face looks so awful. Her face looks unnaturally lifted and seems there are some abnormal folding skin too that can be seen there.

Lee Grant admitting her surgery

Unlike any other celebrity, Lee Grant admitting that she has had the facelift done. This woman said that she will do anything willingly including for the facelift surgery. She wrote in her books entitled “I Said Yes to Everything,” by wrote “The fear that my age would be disclosed became the neurotic focus of my life. Today, with the Internet, I’d be finished.”

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