Lee Majors Plastic Surgery Before & After


Its not only female celebrity that seem relied too much with plastic surgery. There are many male figure in Hollywood including this American television, film and voice actor, Lee Majors that seems also put plastic surgery as his priority here. Its true that this man who best known as his roles as Heath Barkley in the TV series The Big Valley used to quite good looking and amazing. I means yes in early 70s, he is the hot hunk that make many women admire him. He is also male celebrity who blessed with great genes too that keeping the amazing looks till now. But well even he knows it well, this man seem cant retrain himself from plastic surgery.

Lee Majors plastic surgery before and after

Those who compared Lee Majors plastic surgery before and after, must be find out that this man seems bit obsessed to looks young forever. His age is already 75 years old but well he still looks like every men in their 50s. Not only that he is quite healthy and energetic too. That looks triggering speculation that this men has put himself under the knife to get the skin rejuvenation. Though the result not really bad but he looks a little bit unnatural. Ye sits true that his plastic surgery before and after that shows us the changing from his appearance, Though he remain younger, but the unnatural looks is still left there.

Facelift changing his face

It was reported that this man has spent about $15,000 for the facelift procedure done. And well it’s obvious that the facelift has giving him that youthful looks as you can see today. His face looks like man in their 50s though its away from something you can say as normal. The facelift help him to relaxed the lines and creased that should be appeared on his face. It also looks tighter and so toned though a little bit changed his face.

Lee Majors and his bionic nose

Besides that, this man also really famous with his nose job procedure. At first, his nose looks crocked, but getting straight and fuller especially in the bridge area but then returning to crocked again. It lead the speculation that the actor may has spent much money and time to get repeatedly plastic surgery for his bionic nose job procedure.

What does expert say about his surgery?

Many experts believe that Lee Majors has had plastic surgery done. “I also believe he may have undergone a $15,000 face-lift, resulting in scars in front of his ears and a tight jawline for someone his age,” said Dr. Anthony Youn, a prominent plastic surgeon based in Detroit.

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