Linda Gray Plastic Surgery Before & After


The beauty iconic who appeared on CBS TV series, Dallas, from 1978-1989 as Sue Ellen Ewing, Linda Gray, still looks stunning in her 74. Do you recognize her as 70s years old lady? Doesn’t she still look like 40s? She was caught having different appearance in her prime time soaps in which she looks so beautiful and younger than she should be. People speculated that she has some work done on her face. Yes, it is! This Hollywood legend admitted the undergone plastic surgery to preserve her youthful beauty. She herself named the process anti-getting-older treatment.

Linda Gray Plastic Surgery Before & After

Linda Gray Plastic Surgery Before & After

We can see on her before and after surgery pictures that her face certainly doesn’t have a lot of change. She is wise to not take the surgical procedure too excessively. To abolish the actual wrinkles round her face, she decided to have dermal injection which turned her skin softer and tighter. The upper and lower blepharoplasty was also so effective to abolish the lines of aging under her eyes. It eliminated other aging indicators such as hanging eye bag. After had it undergone, one of the significant change performed with the eyes, it looks much fresher.

Her pretty face was also experiencing facelift procedure to make her cheek bit lifted and pulled. As the outcome, she looks much younger than before. The result of all those procedures performed amazing and impressing appearance on her. Moreover, she is always choosing proper hairstyle and not overdoing her makeup which grants her a very nice look on a 74 years old woman.

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