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Having stated as one of the most beautiful women in the past probably hard for Linda Kozlowski to admit that she is getting older now. Of course we know well that this former American actress who was born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut, on January 7, 1958 is a very beautiful woman that makes comedian Paul Hogan fall for her. But well though she is very beautiful and attractive in the past, she can’t denied the fact that her age is getting older now. Her age already reached the number of 57 years old. Though we still can see the beautiful looks on her face, but of course it is away from normal. Yes it’s clear that everything that appeared on her face is the result from the plastic surgery procedure to preserve her youthful looks.

Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery before and after

What did you find from Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery before and after? Yes you see that she got intensive plastic surgery procedure that seem changed her face a little bit too much. Through her before and after picture, she seems revealed the fact that she is kind of actress who a little bit obsessed to plastic surgery. Of course we can’t say plastic surgery give her a bad effects or result. But seems that this woman actually has gone a little bit far and bit relied too much to plastic surgery.

Facelift and botox procedure for Linda Kozlowski

You know that the actress seems put herself for two extensive plastic surgery procedure, botox and facelift. Actually combining this kind of procedure not too bad and you can achieved good skin condition. There are many actress and celebrity who got much advantages from the plastic surgery for facelift and botox. But of course those actress only taking the moderate way to keep their appearance looks normal and natural. But for Linda case, seems that the botox and facelift take over her skin elasticity. Those procedures giving her like wax mask appearance that could be break anytime.

Rhinoplasty for Linda Kozlowski

Beside botox and facelift, this former actress may also gets the rhinoplasty too. She got nasal reconstruction because she used to have bulbous and wide nose. Her nose looks defined with slimmer shape and more defined nasal cartilage. Not only that, the surgery is also creating too cramped nostril that looks unnatural and not too good for her.

What did people said about Linda Kozlowski plastic surgery ?

Of course we can’t say that Linda Kozlowski looks ugly with her plastic surgery. But we should agree that she looks changed too much and away from something you can called as natural. It seems that the former actress too afraid of being older and that why she then pushed herself to played with plastic surgery.

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