Lisa Maria Falcone Plastic Surgery Before & After


Having so much money and life lavishly doesn’t guarantee that you will life happily. Sound theoretic but at least you can see the case of socialite Lisa Maria Falcone. Its true that Lisa Maria Falcone has married to American businessman and the founder of Harbinger Capital and Light Squared, Philip Falcone who has named as 377th richest in the United States. Of course she will life lavishly and full of luxury. But her life isn’t away from controversy. She has been charged and arrested by police due Driving Under Influence or DUI. But the other thing that makes people pays attention more to her is about the plastic surgery traces that obviously seen on her face.

Lisa Maria Falcone plastic surgery before and after

Judging from Lisa Maria Falcone plastic surgery before and after, we know that this woman has a good genes. Lisa Maria Falcone having good genes as a guarantee that the billionaire like Philip Falcone fall for her. But having rich husband seems hard too for her. She will do anything to looks perfect and stunning no matter how old she is. That why she then took the surgery as the helper to enhanced her looks., Unfortunately, instead of looking good with the surgery, the procedure seems botched her face. She looks so unnatural and we know that the big amount of money she has spent for surgery didn’t give much positive result for her.

Lisa Marie Falcone masked looks face due the facelift

Its true that Lisa Marie Falcone seen with too tight facial skin. Well we can’t denied to the fact that her face looks so flawless, wrinkles free and there are no visible aging lines that can be seen there. But it also very rigid and frozen too. She looks like wearing a wax mask that could burst anytime. It seems leaving the painful feeling too from her face. Her face looks so tight and too toned and it looks very unnatural. Her face may smooth and wrinkles free. But seems that she was forced to wearing weird mask too.

Lisa Maria Falcone may get lip enhancement too

Judging from before and after picture, Lisa Marie Falcone also showing the indication that she got the lip enhancement done. The lip enhancement makes her lip looks so thick and bigger. Its likely that the lip enhancement giving her bigger and too plumped as you can see today. And we should say that Lisa Maria Falcone plastic surgery seems went wrong though she may has spent much money in it.

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