Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery Before & After


We still remember well how cool Lorenzo Lamas as he appeared in on the 1990s crime drama Renegade as Reno Raines. And he is one of male celebrity who blessed with good genes due his ancestry are Argentine, Norwegian and American that giving him those amazing looks. But well we know that good genes for some celebrity not enough to support their confidence as they getting older. And not only female celebrity who has experienced it. This American actor who was born in Santa Monica, California, on January 20, 1958, also showing the indication he is feel insecure about his older looks. It might the reason why this man then decide to put himself under the surgery knife to preserve his youthful appearance.

Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery

Lorenzo Lamas Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lorenzo Lamas plastic surgery before and after

Whenever you see Lorenzo Lamas before and after plastic surgery picture, you will come to the conclusion that he has changed too much. Unfortunately, the changing isn’t the positive way. Many people said that the plastic surgery makes this man looks more feminine and having a lady look appearance. There are no more cool and handsome face that remain there though some still admit he is good looking. Yes its true that plastic surgery giving him both bad and good result., He may looks younger and still good looking but in other hand, it also giving him a little bit feminine appearance.

Lets blame facelift for the bad thing

Many people said that this actor having the feminine looks from the facelift procedure. It seems that the plastic surgery for facelift actually aimed to preserve his youthful looks. He is actually managed to preserve his youthful looks but it also accompanied by a little bit feminine appearance. His skin looks bit tighter and toned for men in his age. It actually keeping his skin toned and not to let it saggy. It makes his age looks like men in their 40s. But in other hand, too tight skin also left the feminine looks that obviously seen there.

Lorenzo Lamas returning his body shape through liposuction

We know that beside really good looking, he was having great body shape too. But well as men getting older, they will experienced protruding belly especially if they not take enough exercise. Seems that our actor also experienced the same thing. But recently, his belly looks flatter and reshaped. It then triggering speculation that her got the liposuction to reshaped her body.

What does expert say?

Though the actor never said anything regarding the plastic surgery, but many expert believe that Lorenzo Lamas has had plastic surgery done. The conclusion that delivered by Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer. The doctor said “Lorenzo Lamas’s stomach looks like it has a face of it’s own. The extra fold of skin above his belly button may be the result of abdominal liposuction leaving some loose sagging skin behind.”

Plastic surgery effect others:

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