Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery Before & After


What do you think about Lucy Lawless plastic surgery? It’s true that may will admit that she looks so good and wonderful in her 46 years old. It seems that yesterday we watch her as though princess warrior in Xena, The Princess Warrior. And she seems didn’t changed too much. She is still the same and looks great even her age is almost 50s. This New Zealand actress, activist and musician who was born on 29 March 1968 in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand still amazing and wonderful. Those who never know her role as Xena will mistake her as woman in 30s. It then lead speculation that the actress got the plastic surgery procedure to makes her wonderful until this day.

Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery

Lucy Lawless Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lucy Lawless plastic surgery before and after

By observing Lucy Lawless plastic surgery before and after, many said that the plastic surgery is not for the facial part only. It seems that the actress also doing something for her physical appearance and we can say that those procedure working well on her. She still looks so young, sexy and attractive. But in other hand, the actress also appeared natural and not overdoing at all. We can conclude that she is wise enough to take plastic surgery procedure so she can reach so much benefit from it.

Botox for actress Lucy Lawless

Thanks to botox as the procedure that makes this woman looks good till today. The botox is managed to removed visible aging sign from her face and make it tight yet toned too. There are no more aging lines that can be seen from her face. Not only that, her face also getting smoother with soft looks that disguise her real age. But of course when we are looking closer to her, there are soft lines that still left there.

Breast implants makes her sexier

Blessed with voluptuous body doesn’t makes the actress satisfied with her body shape. From her before and after picture, it’s likely the actress put herself under the knife to add extra volume inside her chest area. That why today her breast appear bigger and tougher with cramped chest area than before. The procedure also prevent the breast from getting saggy or pulled down.

What does expert says?

Some expert agrees that Lucy Lawless plastic surgery got so much benefit from plastic surgery. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., “Lucy Lawless may have had some Botox, and fillers are possible but overall it does not appear she had any major work done. Her look is very natural.”

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