Lynn Whitfield Plastic Surgery Before & After


Celebrity plastic surgery will always leads pros and cons among those who can see the traces so obviously from their face. It also happen to this 61 years old American actress who getting prominence through her role as Josephine Baker in the HBO movie The Josephine Baker Story , Lynn Whitfield. Its obvious that Lynn Whitfield plastic surgery will lead pros and cons especially for those who has following her career since long time ago. But aside from the pros and cons, the most interesting here is to observed whether this woman got the physical enhancement through plastic surgery procedure.

Lynn Whitfield plastic surgery before and after

And the answer for the question above can be found by observing Lynn Whitfield plastic surgery before and after picture. Her before and after picture shows us that this woman looks ageless and she still as young as we can see her years ago. It then strengthens the speculation she got plastic surgery procedure simply to preserve her youthful looks since her age is already 61 years old. And the actress also seems let the traces of plastic surgery obviously seen from her appearance.

Botox for Lynn Whitfield

The botox procedure can be seen from her elevated and bit higher forehead. That part also looks so smooth and almost there are no frowns that can be seen there. It makes us believe that the botox has been injected into the glabellas area that why her eyebrow also bit lifted too. But botox is also makes her forehead looks bit frozen and it seems that she is unable to make it move.

She may get the facelift procedure too

Its likely that the actress then combined her botox with facelift procedure done too. The facelift and botox actually are the popular procedure for many celebrities. And for her case, the facelift also help her smoothed the wrinkles and lines as she getting older. But it also makes her face looks tighter and bit elevated too. But lucky for her, the facelift makes her looks smooth and flawless too.

What then people say?

As we said above, her plastic surgery lead pros and cons among her fans. Some of her fans said that Lynn Whitfield looks younger than her real age through the plastic surgery procedure. But many also claimed that the surgery makes her looks like a woman who wore a mask that could burst anytime.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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