Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery Before & After


If you talking about Marilu Henner plastic surgery, you will see that this woman a little bit obsessed to looks young forever. Yes it doesn’t mean that her plastic surgery makes this American actress, producer and author looks bad on her plastic surgery. But whenever you see her, this woman who was born in Chicago, Illinois, on April 6, 1952 is away from you can called as normal. Its likely that the woman who rise to stardom through her role in sitcom Taxi is belong to those celebrity who scared too much to looks old in her age. Many said that actually, she will looks OK even without plastic surgery and should aging gracefully.

Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery

Marilu Henner Plastic Surgery Before & After

Marilu Henner plastic surgery before and after

In her before and after picture, you will see that Marilu Henner plastic surgery seems focused on her youthful appearance. We know well this woman is blessed with very attractive looks that makes her the regular cast for the Taxi sitcom. She looks so amazing with good acting skill and pretty face too. But it been a long time and her age is already 62 years old now. Though she not too active to the movie anymore, but she is still a celebrity. That why being beautiful and looks young seems mandatory for her. Through her before and after picture, you know that she has doing something to makes that dream come true.

Marilu Henner loves botox

Though never admitting clearly about it, her face shows us how botox working there. The botox help this woman to reduced visible aging sign from her face. Her face looks toned especially the forehead area. That part also looks lifted a bit with slightly frozen looks. Her eyebrow also getting lifted unnaturally due the botox was injected there. Botox also makes her face away from the crows feet or laugh lines that should appeared from her face.

She got the facelift too

Beside botox, the actress may also put the facelift on her face. The facelift is able to help her reduced saggy skin risk due the ageing factor. We know that facelift has removed hard lines and wrinkles that could be seen on her face. But it also leaving that frozen yet immobile looks to foe her face. She barely makes the facial expression due her facial skin that a little bit tighter than before.

Recently, Marilu Henner may get breast implants too

Her before and after picture also shows us another Marilu Henner plastic surgery. Its not on her facial area but at her body shape. Her body looks reshaped due she has bigger breast right now. No wonder even her age is more than 60s, she still having that though and rounded breast.

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