Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery Before & After


Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery

The actor who was born on November 4, 1969 in Uvalde, Texas may never think that the plastic surgery procedures he did are something that will makes people shocked. Well can’t help that as the top actor in Hollywood, everything that happens to him will lead people attention. Not only that, he is also kind of celebrity with a good record in film industry so people will pay attention more to him. One thing that people noticed from him is about his hair. Yes at the young age Matthew McConaughey already showing the indication of hair loss. It means that at very young age, we know that his hair started to left his head. Though not too severe, that hair loss seems become his attention at that time. It may the reason why he got the plastic surgery then to enhanced his looks.

Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery

Matthew McConaughey Plastic Surgery Before & After

Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery before and after

Lets observing Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery before and after. There you will see that his face and his body is remain the same. Means that this man who began his career in films such as the slasher Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, didn’t tried to change anything from his face. And about his body, we can say that it still the same and he build it through routine workout. And there, you noticed that about something in his head. Yes in his before and after picture, you will see that his hair looks thicker. It makes many people shocking. Because not too long ago, this man was spotted with almost bald head due his hair loss problem.

Hair transplant procedure for Matthew McConaughey

It then lead speculation that Matthew McConaughey get the plastic surgery for the hair transplant. His hair getting thicker and heavy than before. We can’t see his scalps anymore which is obviously sometimes ago. Overall, his new hair makes this man looks so good looking and getting younger. She looks so handsome with his new hair from the plastic surgery result.

Matthew McConaughey plastic surgery is fact

Yes some of us may denied about the speculation that the actor has got hair transplant. Some said that his hair looks thin years ago because he should taking a role as the AIDS victims in Oscar award winning drama, Dallas Buyers Club. Due his role as the AIDS sufferer, he needs to change his physical appearance, Including his hair too that looks thin at that time. But the actor self seems admitting it explicitly. He seems admitting having plastic surgery to grow hair on his head. And the result is, well it not disappointing at all.

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