Mel B Plastic Surgery Before & After


She is not the only one. I mean just take a look at another Spice Girl member from Victoria Beckham and Melanie C whose also the subject for plastic surgery for the long time. This British recording artist, songwriter, dancer, actress, author, television presenter, talent competition judge and model who was born 29 May 1975 is one of celebrity that seem relied to plastic surgery procedure. And though she is not the only one Spice Girls member who put their self under the surgery knife, its still interesting to talk about her surgery. And well can’t help that her surgery must be lead pros and cons especially for those who has admired her since her first debut.

Mel B plastic surgery before and after

Let’s just take a look at Mel B before and after plastic surgery procedure. It seems that from tip to toes, the actress may get the beauty and body enhancement through plastic surgery procedure. It seems that this woman got total beauty enhancement through plastic surgery before and after. She is who has blessed with natural beauty actually, feel insecure by realize the facts that her age is almost 40s. No wonder she then got the surgery to enhanced her looks. But some said that this woman may get the surgery long before she is getting older just like her band mates.

Mel B frozen looks with botox

It seems that the botox is the procedure that help her to preserve the youthful looks. The botox help her to removed frown or lines as the aging sign from her forehead. It also relaxed the laugh lines and crow’s feet from her face. Overall, the botox actually working well on her and she looks younger with it. But her face also looks stiffed and frozen which lead speculation she got too much botox this time.

She enhanced her looks through nose job too

Her recent appearance also triggering speculation that the singer got the rhinoplasty or nose job too. She used to have bulbous nose though we can’t say it kind of the piggy one. But right now, that nose looks defined and refined with slimmer shape too. Some said that the nose of her looks slimmer due she losing weight and the shading make up result.

Mel B got breast implant too at last

The stronger plastic surgery speculation for Mel B is she got the body enhancement through breast implant procedure. Her top cleavage that looks busted and fuller strengthens the speculation that she got breast implant while hiatus from Spice girl. Overall the breast looks good on her and make her even sexier.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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