Mike Greenberg Nose Job Before & After


It can help that some people really disappointed with their genes and tried to fix it through the surgery. Its true that genes has big chance and possibility to affected their appearance and looks. And some people feel really disappointed and not too like it. Just asking television anchor, television show host, and radio host for ESPN and ABC, Mike Greenberg about his disappointed to his nose shape as the result he is the native American. Yes this man not only famous because being hosts the weekday evening, most often Monday, SportsCenter and ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike show with Mike Golic. He is also famous with the nose job procedure that happen to him. And unlike any people or public figure who tries to hide the surgery, this man seems didn’t care and let anyone knows about his surgery.

Mike Greenberg plastic surgery

It’s true that every figure who spent their life in front of camera have experienced lack confidence as they getting older. Not only that, some people also feeling that their face and appearance not perfect enough to be spotted by the camera. Mike Greenberg also feeling the same by deciding to do the plastic surgery procedure. It seems that this man realize the perfect looks is a must for those who spent their job and life in front of camera. And the thing that burdening this man is the shape of her nose. He then tried to fix his appearance by conducting plastic surgery and it then focused on the facial area.

Mike Greenberg plastic surgery before and after for nose job

Judging from his before and after picture, it seems that this man feel insecure due the bump that was appear in his nasal area. His nose used to wide and big and he then blaming it to his genes as native American that giving him the nose in its shape. His nose looks wide with big bump before the surgery. And now it looks smaller and thinner with decreased bump too . It then looks defined with smaller and thinner looks than before. Though his nose looking good this day but many then asking his motive by conducting the surgery for his nose.

This is people response to Mike Greenberg nose job

Many people then criticize Mike Greenberg nose job procedure. They say that having native American genes doesn’t mean they need to changed his nose through surgery. He may feel disappointed with his natural nose but to getting famous and creating career by changing his appearance through plastic surgery isn’t something wise at all.

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