Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before & After


Being rich sometimes makes people so arrogant and they can do anything to enhanced their looks. Just ask it to the American businessperson and was chief executive officer of Abercrombie & Fitch Co. until December 9, 2014, Mike Jeffries. It’s obvious that Mike Jeffries using his money and power not only to makes many people hates him. But he used it to enhanced his looks too. But well we can called it karma or something else because the plastic surgery that was conducted on his face seems not going too well.

Mike Jeffries plastic surgery before and after

Judging from Mike Jeffries plastic surgery before and after, this man has his own obsession to looks like a youngster high school again. Something impossible without any help of plastic surgery for the man in his age. Well his obsession to looks younger seems reasonable due his work place put young, good looking men and women to work there. It seems as the CEO he need too looking good with the plastic surgery procedure. But well instead of looking good, his face seems very awkward and awful.

Mike Jeffries got the facelift and botox

Two famous procedure that was taken by many celebrities and public figure also taken by Mike Jeffries too. Its obvious that this man got his horrible and awkward looks from the botox and facelift procedure. The botox seriously makes his forehead looks so lifted and tighter unnaturally. Not only that his eyebrow also lifted too due the botox was injected into the Glabellas area. Besides that, this man also got the facelift procedure judging from his facial skin that looks so lifted and tighter unnaturally.

Mike Jeffries getting awful with lip enhancement and rhinoplasty too

This man looks so awkward and away from normal with tow other procedures that visibly seen from his face. His lip looks so pout with thicker looks due the Restylane or Juvederm that was injected there. He is possibly having nose job judging from his nose that looks unnatural pointed but swollen too.

The expert opinion about Mike Jeffries plastic surgery

By observing Mike Jeffries plastic surgery before and after, many expert agrees that this man has botched his face through numerous plastic surgery procedure. Plastic surgeon Paul S. Nassif, says “Mike Jeffries clearly has had work performed. A facelift, brow-lift, and fillers are very obvious. Rhinoplasty is a possibility as well. Overall, any work that was performed was a bit too aggressive, and his look is artificial. It would be best if he refrained from having any additional work performed. ”

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