Miranda Kerr Plastic Surgery Before & After


People say beauty and charm can be the result of someone’s ‘chakra’. Miranda May Kerr, a young artist whom known as one of the most beautiful Victoria Secret’s model, was known to love meditating, yoga, and kinds of activities which were said can improve someone’s chakra. This 31 years old artist who was married to one of Hollywood charming star, Orlando Bloom, is very popular thanks to her beautiful look and body, of course.

Miranda Kerr Plastic Surgery

Miranda Kerr Plastic Surgery Before & After

Being one of the sexiest model of Victoria’s Secret, Miranda should ensure that her looks and body will not disappointing, neither the company, nor her fans. Although she’s still considered young enough and some may say that her skin and appearance still appealing, it seems that Miranda felt a bit different. It seems that she hasn’t satisfied enough with what she has had. When another woman in Korea decided to have plastic surgery in order to have Miranda’s looks, Miranda herself was rumored to have undergone some plastic surgeries.

They say let the photos tell their own story. Comparing Miranda’s photos, one may see there are indeed some differences with her looks. The hottest topic about Miranda’s surgery is her breasts which were looks bigger and more solid than before. Did she do breast implants? Well, it will be very difficult to grow your breasts that much in a short period, right? However, she’s just kept silent about the rumor. Looking at Miranda’s body, she’s also suspected to have abdominoplasty or liposuction to make her waist looks skinnier. For her face, she’s suspected to have rhynoplasty with her nose and also blepharoplasty with her eyelids. Is her beauty really made of these surgeries?

As it is told before, Miranda was known to love meditating and do the healthy activity every day. Well, if she did believe that someone’s chakra can be shining and shown as charm, why did she need to do artificial work to gain the beauty? Many people will be agree saying that she’s just beautiful without any surgeries, but why the rumors of her having plastic surgeries spread? Is it because of her marriage failure made her stressed? If it so, then let’s hope that she could find the peace through her meditation instead of looking for surgery doctor and do some work with her body.

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