Monica Keena Plastic Surgery Before & After


Both good and bad are the right words to explain about Monica Keena plastic surgery. But well can help that even the plastic surgery seems giving her a bad effects too, but actually it can reduced the facts that she is still very sexy and pretty. American actress, known for her roles as Abby Morgan on Dawson’s Creek, has stole people attention since the first time she appeared for the series. This woman who was born in Brooklyn, New York City on May 28, 1979, looks so attractive and managed to steal people attention since then. She looks so sweet and cute with good acting skill too that makes her become an idol at that time.

Monica Keena plastic surgery before and after

And yes the time has passed so fast and now her age is already 35 years old. And whenever you looks at Monica Keena plastic surgery before and after you will realize that she hasn’t changed too much. Some even admitted that she looks sexier, prettier and hotter rather than before. It then lead the question how could she looks prettier and hotter as she getting older. Many people then speculated that the actress got the plastic surgery to makes create that amazing looks when her age is already 35 years old. And well can help that we should admit she looks wonderful with the benefit from plastic surgery.

Monica Keena plastic surgery for botox

The botox injection is the first thing that you can noticed from her face. It’s true that her age is still 35 years old but she have the skin that really tight and toned. There are no wrinkles or even the softest lines appeared on her face. Her forehead appears smooth and flawless thought it a little bit lifted and elevated. Sometimes her face also looks bit stiffed but it can’t reduced the pretty looks from her face.

Monica Keena may also gets facial filler too

Beside the botox injection, this woman also showing the trace that she got facial filler. The facial filler seems injected into her cheek and chin area. It makes her cheek looks bit plumped and not saggy at all. The plumped cheek makes her younger and looks like woman in early 30s. The filler that probably injected into her facial area is Juvederm and Restylane.

Hotter and sexier with bigger breast

As her age getting older, we can say that this woman looks so hot and sexier too. Her body looks more buxom and reshaped due having bigger breast that before as the result from breast implant done. Her breast looks larger and rounder with stronger looks than before. She used to have wide space on her chest area but now it getting cramped due her breast getting bigger too. And we should admit that Monica Keena plastic surgery for the breast implant makes her appearance become hotter and sexier.

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