Morgan Fairchild Plastic Surgery Before & After


Born Patsy Ann McClenny on 3 February 1959, Morgan Fairchild was a soap opera actress in 1970. She also appeared in numerous glamorous TV drama which flaunted her dazzling beauty and made her star. She might be too obsessed with her youthful look, thus she keeps it stick with her until today, precisely through plastic surgery. She obviously doesn’t look like a 64 years old lady, that’s why she has been speculated having undergone facelift procedure. It was done to rejuvenate her look, as we can see now how she possesses a 40 year-old-woman look. She hasn’t aged a bit! The works of facelift has left a natural look on her, it is considered well done.

Morgan Fairchild Plastic Surgery

Morgan Fairchild Plastic Surgery Before & After

Even so, Morgan has received so many cautions from many people, especially expert surgeons, to stop the filler injection right away. She had used too many fillers which made her face look too swollen, puffy, fully tight, and painful everytime she makes any expression on her face. This Flamingo Road star doesn’t have any sign of invasive cosmetic procedure on her face, but it seems that she gets accustomed to do facial fillers. A number of surgeons said if she doesn’t stop now, she will regret the danger that is soon to occur on her face.

Morgan, who is partially deaf due to scarlet fever that she suffered in her childhood, has used the procedures against normal proportion. By looking at her forehead and other sides of her face, it will be difficult for us to spot a single wrinkle. And yes, certainly, it is also admitted by her in several interviews that she has undergone botox procedure single to smoother her skin and get rid of wrinkles. This is considered super unnatural because all of the surgical procedures she has undergone makes her look like a living doll. Her natural beauty disappeared!

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