News about Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery and Its Reasons


Selena Gomez becomes one of the favorite celebrities whose style is always awaited on the red carpet, especially during the event of charity as prestigious fashion. This year’s fashion takes the theme Manus x Machine, where everyone in attendance is competing to look futuristic. This former lover of Justin Bieber certainly does not want to miss it. She also looks primed. At that night, Selena Gomez left her volume hair and replaced it with a high ponytail with a straight texture. She also came with minimalist makeup that actually makes it look stunning. With the makeup artist of Hung Vanggo’s face, the face of this singer was also seen a dramatic taper. Many people consider that Selena did Selena Gomez plastic surgery to chop the jaw and remove her chubby cheeks. However, the makeup artist also spoke up and leaked the product that she wore to conjure the appearance of Selena’s face.

Selena Gomez Plastic Surgery

She also leaked some skin care and makeup used to create beautiful and healthy skin. After Selena Gomez’s skin is well-groomed and ready, the makeup artist also applied a good foundation. As for the eyebrows, Selena appeared more natural and not excessive with one of the favorite brown eyebrow gel products. Nude colored lip makeup was still an option and kept it stunning. Selena managed to prove an unobtrusive color. It could steal the attention. Her makeup and hairstyles were perfect with a leather bustier dressing from Louis Vuitton white polka-dot dress. Although many people said that the dress was too casual, without sequins and excessive accent, this 23-year-old star still looks refreshing. With those styles, it is hard for us to judge whether she uses Selena Gomez plastic surgery or not. We usually see Selena Gomez appears with mature and glamorous style on many occasions on the red carpet. Selena Gomez remains obedient to the theme of fashion that emphasizes technology with metallic round metal studs accents throughout her dress. The young spirit is also visible from the selection of black boots that represent the freedom spirit of girl at her age.

The romance story of Hollywood celebrity, Selena Gomez, recently re-runs aground from young singer who full of controversy, Justin Bieber. Even today Justin is being heavily associated with sexy celebrity, Yovanna Ventura. As we know, after insisting, Selena is known to return to Justin’s embrace, but the love story of both is once again aground. Selena and Justin love affair is known as a romance story full of twists and turns. Their relationship is opposed by many parties because of the behavior of mischievous Justin like a pair of lovers that cannot be separated. The strong relationship has recently re-united. Although several times have broken off, Selena seems unable to remove Justin’s shadow just like that Justin himself rumored to have an affair from Selena. Even reportedly for the sake of re-seized Justin from the arms of Yovanna, Selena Gomez did Selena Gomez plastic surgery on her breast. The news is certainly very stomping news for many people. Selena itself is known as an innocent beautiful celebrity.

News about Selena willing to perform breast surgery began widely reported after recently she looks much different than usual. Even at that time, Selena’s breasts look much more contained than before. It is also what causes the news if she has undergone breast surgery. The news was also justified by one of the sources. According to the narration that was launched from one of the media, Selena willing to do it all in order to recapture Justin from Yovanna Ventura that is known to have beautiful buttocks. The news is also reinforced by the narrative of one of plastic surgeon, Jonathan Shifren. According to him, from the analysis that he did through some photos, he can draw conclusions if Selena has indeed made changes in the volume of her chest. He got this from the comparison of Selena’s photos. The reason is now the size of Selena’s chest looks fuller than before. Not only that, but he also thinks if viewed in more detail, it will look a line in the upper area of ​​her breasts.

Selena Gomez makes a lot of people wonder. Not only about her relationship with Justin Bieber who has run aground for the umpteenth time, Selena often reap a different appearance. There was something suspicious about Selena’s appearance as she went out from her home. Many people think that Selena has done plastic surgery on her breasts. Responding to the news, Selena denies if she had to do Selena Gomez plastic surgery to increase the size of her chest. What is your opinion? Recently rumors circulated that Selena Gomez enlarge the size of her breasts (and worse, this is done to please Justin Bieber). Speculation may flourish, but some media try to find evidence. Evidence from the doctor who operated cannot be known. However, the change in breast size that looks fuller may be valid evidence. Some media also tries to match from plastic surgery doctor, Jonathan Shifren. He claims that Selena raises her breasts. Therefore, is it really Selena Gomez plastic surgery? It’s up to her to do surgery or not anyway because she uses her own money. However, if the reason of surgery because of a guy, well, how pity she is. Her soul is very unstable, but her face is pretty natural and cute.

Some time ago, Selena Gomez had a break from social media during the holidays. Whether because of news about Selena Gomez plastic surgery or not, Selena returns to social media. However, it is changed after Bella Hadid saw clearly the intimacy made by Selena Gomez and her former lover, The Weeknd. Whether jealous or annoyed, Bella finally decided to no longer be friends with Selena in social media. In fact, Bella Hadid with The Weeknd has split since November 2016 ago. And the two greeted each other when met at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in Paris. Prior to this event, the relationship of Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez was quite intimate. In fact, both looks very close. The relationship between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd does not only surprised Bella Hadid, but also the fans.

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