Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery Before & After


Seriously what happen to Nicolas Cage face? I mean is that really the man we used to know through his role as an alcoholic Hollywood writer in Leaving Las Vegas twenty years ago? Why does he looks so changed and unfortunately his face looks different and awkward? Seeming this kind of shocking facts, many people especially his avid fans then blaming plastic surgery as the procedure that makes him looks different. Though he never said anything clearly about it, but this American actor and producer showing the obvious traces of plastic surgery from his face. And unfortunately, the plastic surgery seems makes this man looks so changed and bit unrecognizable.

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery

Nicolas Cage Plastic Surgery Before & After

Nicolas Cage plastic surgery before and after

Actually without comparing Nicolas Cage plastic surgery before and after, its obvious that this man has changed so much. Of course he isn’t the only male figures who has changed their appearance through plastic surgery procedure. But we should admit that his plastic surgery is really shocking and we almost cant believed it. But of course many people still defense him by saying that plastic surgery giving him a good looks as he getting older. Well it acceptable since celebrities plastic surgery will lead pros and cons especially among their fans.

Nicolas Cage with his new nose shape

It seems that the actor got his new nose recently. His nose that looks pinched and slimmer than before is the obvious traces of plastic surgery on his face. The rhinoplasty was conducted there to makes his nasal shape looks defined and pinched. Actually he used to have pointed nose already. But the shape seems bigger and larger especially in the nasal cartilage part. That why appeared with smaller nasal cartilage and more pointed looks, some believed that he got the rhinoplasty done. Besides that, his new nose seems to pointed and too slimmer for his face.

Nicolas Cage may get hair trasplant too

‘Its true that Nicolas Cage used to have thick hair but as he getting older, he then experiencing hair loss too. But again, recently this man is spotted with heavier and thicker hair than before. That thick hair lead the speculation he gets the surgery done for the hair transplant.

He may got botox too

Some people believed that this actor looks changed drastically due he get the botox injection done. But the speculation of botox then denied by Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer. He says, “Nicolas Cage’s most recent photos do not look much different to me than his images in previous years. He does not have a “Botox Look.” He does have a better skin tone and looks well rested.”

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