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Born in Ohio, United States on 4 March 1958, Patricia Heaton is known for playing role as Debra Barone on the CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond in 1996-2005. A star who was winning two Primetime Emmy Awards confessed that she underwent plastic surgery after she gave birth to her four boys. She realized that giving birth wouldn’t please her appearance. Unwanted stretch marks came up along with excessive fat around the waist, and her breasts hanged down awfully due to the breastfeeding activity. She had to work on some efforts to resize her beauty and look like there wasn’t a single unpleasant thing happened to her. So she decided to go under the knife.

She admitted that she has undergone breast reduction surgery which now has perfectly fitted her body frame shape. Tummy tuck was also mentioned in order to hide the stretch mark along with the removal of fat. The outstanding look of her body can be seen on her birthday party photos. When she was celebrating her 50th birthday in Hawaii, back then she looked very confident to wear bikini and so comfortable to show her body off. The success of plastic surgery she had taken was revealed! That brand new breast size made her look sexier!

As her skin is looking smoother and brighter, various tabloids reported that she may possibly have undergone facial reconstruction like Botox, brow lift, facial fillers, and lip injection. She seems much younger and rejuvenated, the look of 66-year-old woman that can only be obtained through plastic surgery. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been very open to provide the details of these kind of cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon, once said about her, “Patricia Heaton looks fabulous and maintains her youthful look probably with little touch ups from her plastic surgeon every few years to her face and eyes. She probably receives routine Botox and chemical peels to fight the signs of aging throughout the year.”

Patricia’s surgeon, however, had successfully crafted one of the most perfect example of well-done plastic surgery. On the other hand, she chose her surgeon very carefully and selected only the simple procedures due to which she has been able to declare that she had undergone plastic surgery. You look very wonderful, Patricia!

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