Patti Labelle Nose Job Before & After


Trust me botched face due the plastic surgery result is not the only thing you will regret from this procedure. The changing in every part of your face started from eyes, nose, lip, cheek and chin that went bed will makes you regretting it in your entire life. At lest it was felt by American singer, author, and actress who has spent over 50 years in the music industry, Patti LaBelle. This 70 years old women may never imagine that her leap to get the plastic surgery for nose job will make her regretting it for the rest of her life. Her nose job that really epic and iconic put her as one of celebrity that been discussed for a long time due her nose job procedure. Do you agree about it?

Patti Labelle plastic surgery

It seem that Patti Labelle plastic surgery is different for many women and celebrity around her age. If the other female celebrity on her age find many ways to keep their youthful looks forever, she seems not really care about it. In her 70s years old, there are nothing traces of plastic surgery at all from her face. It seems that this woman aging gracefully and embrace the fact that she is not younger anymore. She seems confidence with the fact that the wrinkles and aging lines started to pop out on her face. But the only thing that make her sad and regretting everything is only her nose job procedure. It seems that the actress will do anything to turning back time to makes her avoid the fact from bad plastic surgery for nose job.

Patti Labelle nose job before and after

The nose job that was taken by Patti Labelle when she was young actually working well on her. To public, she revealed that as she getting famous, the insecure feeling then growing bigger knowing the fact that she has big and wide nose. Because she is still young at that time, she then decide to get the plastic surgery procedure for the nose job. At first she said that the nose job makes her more confidence and she then so proud with the result. But the careless procedure makes her nose changed from time to time. It getting wider and larger as you can see today as if her nose is melting.

Patti Labelle regrets her nose job decision

To some media, Patti Labelle repeatedly said that she is really regretting her decision to do plastic surgery for nose job. She said “I would tell my younger self not to have problems with the way I looked… not to worry about that nose. I had a bigger nose, so I had a nose job – that’s the only surgery I’ve ever had on my face or my body. I would have said, ‘Patti, back in the day you shouldn’t have touched your nose. Be yourself’.”

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