Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before & After


Lets say that among the member of the Beatles, Paul McCartney may the most good looking one. No wonder that in his life, he has able to makes many women fall for her. Beside that he is also very famous and rich too that seems he could get anything he wants so easily. But well its been a long time since the Beatles received their glory. Paul McCartney is really old now. His age already touching the number of 72 years old. Though he has good genes that makes his face looks so handsome, without plastic surgery its nothing. Yes its true that this legendary musician face shows us the indication of several plastic surgery procedure.

Paul McCartney plastic surgery before and after

Judging from Paul McCartney plastic surgery before and after, we will realize that this man pushed himself so hard to looks young forever. Unfortunately, the plastic surgery seems hasn’t giving him a positive result at all. Of course Paul McCartney isn’t the only male celebs who has botched their face through plastic surgery. The plastic surgery has bringing bad fate for many male celebrity just not like him. Besides that, people then wonder the motive way Paul McCartney conducted plastic surgery. But some of them then said that due he is dating younger women, she need plastic surgery to enhanced his looks.

Botox and eyelid surgery for Sir Paul McCartney

The most obvious plastic surgery procedure that can be seen on his face is the botox and eyelid surgery procedure. The botox help this old man to removed wrinkles and aging sign from his face. It also smoothed lines that showing there. But it also left the rigid and frozen looks that cant be hide anymore from his face. Not only that the botox seems also leaving bit feminine looks on her face. Beside botox, the singer may also get the plastic surgery to removed baggy under her eyes. Through the eyelid surgery he gets bit smooth but rigid skin under her eyes.

Hair transplant makes Paul McCartney younger

Paul McCartney also trying to keep his youthful looks more and more through hairs transplant procedure. He used to experiencing hair loss due his age is getting older. But now his hair looks so thicker and heavy due the hair transplant. Lucky for Paul McCartney, the hair transplant makes him looks better. Though the botox giving him a little bit bad result, the hair transplant still working well there.

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