Penelope Cruz Plastic Surgery Before & After


Penelope Cruz Sanchez, an admiring beautiful and charming Spanish lady who has been experienced upside down on her career path. Starting her debut in age 15, Penelope has been one of successful Spanish actress in the Hollywood industry. Her appearance in various movie genres at least has made her learn a lot. She has finally reap the success of her hard work by nominating and accepting international awards of her performances from Academy Awards, Golden Globe, ALMA, and many other film festival . Despite the criticism of her acts in some movies which were considered unsuccessful, this Tom Cruise’s partner on movie Vanilla Sky (2001) was always admired of her beauty both face and body. Her body, which is voluptuous, has driven people crazy watching her in the movie. Her topless appearance in one of her former movie has brought her to be sex model in the movie industry.

When people talking about her voluptuous body, rumors saying that she had undergone breast implant were shown up. Whether it comes only from jealousy or it does a fact, Penelope Cruz’s boob size was indeed admirable. Looking at her early photos, it seems that her breast has grown up so fast if it’s natural. Even though she hasn’t admitted any plastic surgeries, people keep judging her as having some work with her breast. Her recent photos also show her as more beautiful and charming lady. Is it because of some work she’d done on her face too? Well, no one can clearly saying that as she hasn’t confessed anything, but looking at these pictures might bring the answer.

To keep her existence in film industry, it is common things for actress to have surgeries in order to get better looks. Some succeeded and some failed. For Penelope, it seems that the work is successful. Her appearance looks even more attractive than before. Not only her body looks tempting, but also her beautiful face which seems just perfect. Nose job and Botox injection are common cosmetic procedures to improve actress performance, including Penelope. The change she did, however, has made her appearance to be less ‘Spanish’. In spite of giving her better looks, the face work has diminished some of her ‘Spain natural appeal’. However, it’s her choice to have the kind of looks. She looks adorable now, indeed, but sometimes we just miss her natural beauty instead.

Well, whether her beauty is natural or not, Penelope Cruz is still known for her active work in charity. This kindness shows her inner beauty, which is more adorable than her outer looks. Donating her money for many charity activity and even involved in the event by herself as in India and Nepal, Penelope Cruz has shown to others that to keep your inner beauty is also important than only to have beauty looks.

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