Petra Nemcova Plastic Surgery Before & After


Nowadays, the news about Petra Nemcova plastic surgery is growing hottest. This beautiful model has been rumored by many people and media to have some enhancements to make her body and face look perfect and better. As for your information, Petra Nemcova is a famous model and host in Czech Republic. But her popularity spreads to the Hollywood even to the world. Many people agree that she is very beautiful and nice woman, she often to share her wealth to the other people and always attended in any charity events. But, she also become a public discussion when she appeared with different looks. No wonder, she was rumored to have several plastic surgery procedures for nose job, botox and breast augmentation. Let’s we discuss about the procedure more detail.

The most significant change on her face is her nose, she appeared with a new nose shape, it looks slimmer than she used to. As everybody knows, she used to have a wide and not pointed nose. But now, her nose looks more pointed and thinner than before. No wonder, many people said that it caused by rhinoplasty procedure or well known as a nose job procedure. As you can see at her current nose now, it looks very match with her face. No wonder, many people said that her nose job procedure successful to make her appearance looks better.

The rumor also said that Petra Nemcova has botox and breast augmentation. As you know that she is 35 years old now, but she looks younger than her real age, it may caused by botox treatments that she did. For breast augmentation procedure can be seen from her current breast size which is bigger than before. Breast is one of the most important assets for a model. So, it is not surprising if she did breast implants or boob job procedure to make her career increased and stable.

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