Popular Face Plastic Surgery in the World Now


Face plastic surgery is also called as facial plastic surgery. As we know from its name, this plastic surgery concerns with facial procedures. In other words, it will reshape our face into proper positions and appearances. Just like other plastic surgery, facial surgery tends to reconstructive and cosmetic operations. The surgeons change the current face shape and do plastic surgery to patients’ faces. The range starts from the head until neck. Some popular procedures are face-lifts, neck, chin implants and many more. In this article, we will introduce some of them for you guys.


You might unfamiliar with this face plastic surgery. But, it will be more familiar with the nose job term, right? As we can predict, this surgical procedure will make our nose into proper position. The goals may vary but all of them have the same procedure. There is also a follow up surgery in rhinoplasty. When the patients are not satisfied with the results, they have to do revision rhinoplasty. This is actually unnecessary when the patients have no complain with their initial rhinoplasty obviously. Moreover, this revision is to correct the mistake which was done by the surgeons.


If the first face plastic surgery deals with nose, the facelift will deal with the entire face. But, it only concerns with the face’s tissues. The facelift surgeries have more variants due the modern technology. They start from mini lift until deep plane facelift. Most people do not want to face wrinkled on their face. This surgery will tighten some part of the face into proportional skin as younger as possible. So, the wrinkles will be disappeared and their face looks younger than before. It is only the small example of facelift surgery. Of course, it depends on the patients’ demand surely.

Eyelid Surgery

The next facial plastic surgery is related with our eyelid. We know that the excess and drooping skin will always appear below our eyes. With some correct incisions, they will be removed easily with this eyelid surgery.

Face Plastic Surgery Neck Lift

Last but not least, we are in the end of this article. This section will introduce you the neck lift surgery. As same as its name, neck lift will change turkey neck into more proportional neck as normal people without fat, sagging skin and even excess. We cannot fix the fat on our neck easily. That is why neck lift can be the best solution for the patients who face this problem. This is the last face plastic surgery guys.

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