Richard Grieco Plastic Surgery Before & After


It is sad to admit that mostly male celebrity plastic surgery bring disaster rather than the good one. And this American actor and former fashion model Richard Grieco make the list of male celebrity who botched their face through plastic surgery getting longer. Can’t help but we should admit that this man is really handsome and good looking in the past. He such as hunk that will make every girl screaming out loud whenever seeing his face and smile. But well Richard Grieco is a human being too who experienced aging. And just like any actor, this man then trying to escape from this fate through plastic surgery.

Richard Grieco plastic surgery before and after

Richard Grieco is not the only male celebrity who changed too much with plastic surgery. And of course we can say that his plastic surgery is failure at all. Actually the procedure has make this man looks younger than his real age. But those who following his career from the first time, will realize that the surgery also changed his face to something different and bit awful too. He may gained that youthful looks from the surgery procedure. But cant help that the surgery also left something terrible on his face. He may realize it or not but his fans must be noticed the changing so easily.

That nose job changing everything

The single procedure like nose job is able to changing your face entirely. And it also happen to Richard Grieco appearance. The single procedure like nose job actually bring something new to his appearance. He looks good and seems that the younger appearance also came from the nose job result. But what happen with that feminine looks due the nose job done? Yes the nose job that makes his nasal area looks slimmer and pointed than before also left a little bit awful looks from his face. That feminine looks is clearly the result from the nose that looks slimmer today.

What does people say?

Some said that this man has gone too far with plastic surgery. They say that he don’t need any surgery since already cool and good looking. They also regretting the feminine looks that still left there on his face. But not few also defense him by saying that the nose job working well on him. He looks good, younger and fresher with his new nose. For them, the feminine looks of Richard Grieco is the nonsense and kind of cheap gossip to bring him down.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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