Rihanna Plastic Surgery Before & After Nose Job


Rihanna, the best-selling artist of all time, turned 26 this year. It turned out her young and powerful soul is not being able to satisfy her physical appearance. A number of changes to her look can be captured if we compare her past and recent photos. It is certain that she underwent nose job or rhinoplasty to her face. Her nose is a little lighter with flatter and a slight upward angled nose. This change is confirmed by as much as 10 surgeons. The sides of her nose are curved. Beforehand, it was opened and wide on the left and right. And today, they have been squeezed and looking so proportional on her face. Since she only had minor nose job procedure done, her appearance still looks natural.

Reportedly, she was planning to undergo forehead reduction, but later she decided to withdraw the procedure after her mother spoke out against it. And the doctor, Dr. Kassir, who is one of the most popular plastic surgeons in the entertainment industry, advised her the danger of such surgery.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

We also can tell about the change that happened with her breast. Rumor has it she managed to transform her breast to become bigger and fuller by undergoing breast implant procedure. It is obviously changed and grown over the yeas. Her cup is getting two times larger than before. This young celebrity, who has sold 20 million albums and 60 million singles, seems to have had a good run for every surgical procedure. She is getting more beautiful time after time. However, the result whether it is true that she has had plastic surgery or not is inconclusive, many people still speculated that she relied only on effective use of makeup.

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