Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery Before & After


If you are Iron Man’s fans, you must know Robert Downey Jr, the actor who play role as Iron Man. As his fans, you should know him well, know his appearance, know his behavior. As everybody knows, he is no young anymore, his age is 50 years old now. But her stamina still look good and strong as you can see at the movie. Besides, his face also looks younger than her real age, he does not have any signs of aging like wrinkles, eye bags and etc. No wonder, many people especially his fans consider that he had any plastic surgery procedures to make his appearance look younger.

So, what kinds of plastic surgery he had?

The most possible plastic surgery procedures that he has are botox, chemical peels and laser treatments. But, if we are amateur in surgery field, we will not know that the rumors are true or not. As amateurs, we can compare his before and after picture to make a conclusion about Robert Downey Jr plastic surgery rumors. Based on the comparison, the after picture shows that he does not change very much with before picture. It means that he likes not aging, he still look young and same with his past appearance. As everybody knows, the only way to make our appearance looks younger is by doing plastic surgery procedures, no wonder Robert Downey Jr had rumored to have laser treatments or botox procedure.

Dr. Anthony Youn also release her statement about Robert Downey Jr plastic surgery rumors, he said that it seems Robert Downey Jr has chemical peels but in a small doze, no wonder if he still look natural and do not like having plastic surgery. So, what do you think guys?

Plastic surgery effect others:

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