Sara Jean Underwood Plastic Surgery Before & After


There are many ways to get famous in entertainment world. One can start as a dancer, commercial star, model, or an actress. As for Sara Jean Underwood, this young girl has been known widely for her reputation of Playboy model. She’s not only an ordinary model though, because she even being the Playmate of the year in that magazine in 2007. Her face is attractive yet not really feminism. However, it’s pretty sure that the magazine will concern more to woman’s body instead of her face.

Starting her career as model has driven Sara to be eager of perfect body. Although she has been succeeded to be the star of Playboy magazine, it’s not stopping her to gain better body shape. Her breast seems be the most she concerns about. No wonder because of her career requested attractive body, and which part of the woman that’s most attractive to guys except her breast?

Sarah was accused of doing some surgeries with her face and body. Breast implant, for sure, is the hottest topic of the rumors. Many people think that Sara’s cup size is smaller compared to another Playmate, which may be one of her motivation to make her size bigger.

When some may appreciate her efforts to give what the market wants of her body looks, some may think differently. It is encouraging to know that someone with her natural body and-not so big-boob size can be a Playmate. This is a proof that people still love the natural ones even though it cannot fulfill their dream of enormous breast. Let those men get their wild imagination only in their dream and make them realize that the natural beauty is still the best after all. However, Sara’ decision to do works improving her looks has thrown away that opinion. Being pushed by her surroundings and also her career demand, the natural beauty now is starting to fade away.

Let’s just hope that the artist of ‘The Girl Next Door’ will be satisfied enough with her current looks and show us just her true beauty. If you’ve already succeed with your own body shape, would you still bother to do the knife work? The question isn’t a satire to Sara; moreover it’s a question to us who ever have a thought of doing instant-beauty surgeries.

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