Sarah Palin Plastic Surgery Before & After


Born in February 11, 1964, Sarah Louise Heath or more well-known as Sarah Palin, has been known for her career as politician. Being the first woman to be Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has been through controversy during her reign. Her decision and judgment as a leader has brought pros and contras. In the politic, friendship is never long-lasting. Your ally now may become your enemy tomorrow. Sarah does understand this concept and therefore she is considered brave enough to make decision by her assessment. Being nominated as vice president in 2008 from Republic Party, Sarah’s career as politician has grown up further. Her career in politics however, also slightly influences her family. Married to Todd Palin who works in oil and Gas Company, Sarah’s position as government agent has motivated her husband to have change in his job in order to ensure neutrality between his job and his wife’s government decision.

Sarah Palin is one of firm and charismatic woman figures in the government. Entering her 50’s age, her looks still remind us of her younger look with more mature appearance. Her face skin seems free of any wrinkles, where her body also seems being well treated. Differences between her former appearance and her new look now have been talked among public. Some said that Sarah has never admitted any plastic surgeries along her life, but the photos comparison shows different thing. Sarah was suspected to have breast implant to make her breast looks bigger. Besides, her smooth and flawless face also suspected as Botox injection and facelift procedure. Her lip is also suspected as a product of lip enhancement, while her eyelids also rumored as Blepharoplasty product. Did Mrs. Governor need these surgeries at all?

Even though she hasn’t admitted, public have seen her transformation. Although surgery is common to do in public, if Mrs. Governor has it be done for her to have more perfect loop, then it may become a habit which will be followed by others. Since she has been role model for career woman, the  dissatisfaction of her looks may drive young women to do the same. Plastic surgery is common to do, indeed, but is it that worth?

Plastic surgery effect others:

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