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As a 58 years old woman, Sela Ward still appears exceptionally youthful. Behind her beautiful look, there is a secret that she has freely shared to the public, it is the Botox. Sela Ward was born on 11 July 1956 in Mississippi, United States. She is an actress, author, producer, and spokesperson who is best known for her television roles as Teddy Reed on the American TV series ‘Sisters’ that aired from 1991-1992. She was also playing role as Lily Manning on ‘Once and Again’ from 1999-2002.

She openly admitted that she is using Botox treatment to eliminate the lines and wrinkles. The usage of Botox, she said, not only to enhance the appearance, but it is also able to boost self-confidence of the user. “If you have the money and can afford it, there’s no reason not to use current technology to make you look and feel good.” She injected the Botox into the forehead, between her brows, and minimally in her crow’s feet around the eyes. Its aim is removing wrinkles and maintaining stunning beauty. Thanks to the doctor that this procedure has given her a perfect outcome, seems natural, and nothing was overdone.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, a Miami plastic surgeon, commented Sela Ward’s appearance, “Sela Ward looks fantastic. I think she has benefited from Botox, giving her a beautiful and smooth complexion, but not over-doing it giving her a ‘frozen’ expression.”

Sela openly shared, “I love Botox, love all that stuff, it’s the best! I love all those little things you don’t have to cut yourself open for.” She said that she ever had two accidents that broke her nose but she refused to have nose job in order to refine its form. She’s happy by only taking Botox. We love you, Sela!

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