Shakira Plastic Surgery Before & After Boob Job


Talking about Shakira plastic surgery will lead us to another question. Is she perfect enough and not need any surgery to enhance her appearance? It seems that the plastic surgery that been took by this a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model is something unnecessary because yes we know that she is having that natural beauty. Her life is also seems perfect too. This woman who was born on February 2, 1977 having beautiful face and sexy appearance. Her partner is also famous and rich football player, yet she has two wonderful sons too. Seems perfect enough to make her as one of the luckiest woman in the world. But its likely that she is just another human being that need something more to enhanced her appearance. That why plastic surgery become her weapon to enhanced her appearance.

Shakira plastic surgery before and after

Looking at her before and after picture, you will realize that she is beautiful and pretty naturally. Of course the grow up hormone and puberty makes this woman is prettier from time to time. We know that she is really beautiful woman with melodious voice and impressing stage act. But even though she is very beautiful, Shakira realize that her age is not young anymore. Her age is almost 40s and she have younger partner than her age. That why by observing her before and after picture, you will come to conclusion that the plastic surgery is really enhanced her appearance. She looks even prettier and sexier as she getting older. But well cant help that some people still thinks that she is changed too much due the plastic surgery procedure.

Shakira looks prettier and sexier with new nose and bigger breast

Looking at her before and after picture, we can say that the singer seems tries to enhanced both her face and body shape. Look at her nasal area that more protruding and pointed as you can see today. She used to have bulbous nose with larger nasal bridge and not too pointed tip area. But right now, that nose looks more amazing and seems defined too. The nasal bridge looking thinner and slimmer with pointed and sharper tip too. Not only her nose, this woman seems sexier with her bigger breast too. It’s likely that she got the breast implant to returning her body shape probably after giving birth her first son. Overall those procedures really makes this woman prettier and sexier as you can see today.

She also rumored having mommy make over too

Her body that quickly getting slimmer and thinner after giving birth her first son years ago also triggering the speculation she got mommy makeover done. It seems the singer having tummy tuck to removed extra fat in the belly area. The procedure also return the belly condition after it stretched during pregnancy. The singer may also got breast life regarding her breast that looks tougher and not shaggy at all though she admit breastfeeding her baby.

So what is Shakira response?

Shakira denied she has plastic surgery procedure especially for the nose job one. She has wrote on her Twitter ” So many things going on in the world and yet some invent stories about me getting a nose job! Why would a she wolf want a smaller nose?”. Even though she denied it, but the singer said she had consider breast implant in the past but said changed her mid then. So do you think that Shakira plastic surgery rumor or fact?

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