Shannen Doherty Plastic Surgery Before & After


There are plenty celebrities and public figure who denied that they has had plastic surgery procedure. Or some of them said that that wouldn’t do any surgeries no matter what but then latter, their face seems changed too much due the surgery. This kind of condition seems happens to American actress, producer, author, and television director, Shannen Doherty. This woman who known for her roles as Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills, 90210 show us the obvious plastic surgery result on her appearance. But this woman still denying about the surgery due is the past she already claimed will never conducted any surgeries.

Shannen Doherty Plastic Surgery

Shannen Doherty Plastic Surgery Before and After

Shannen Doherty plastic surgery before and after

By looking at Shannen Doherty plastic surgery before and after, you will see that there are many thing that changed there. The changing on her appearance of course the result from plastic surgery. Its likely that Shannen Doherty eat her own word because in the past she has mocked those who has had the surgery done. She claimed that will never conducted any surgery no matter what. But by judging from her before and after plastic surgery picture, it’s obvious that the surgery has performed there.

Nose job and botox for actress Shannen Doherty

Right now you can see that Shannen Doherty face looks bit swollen. Her cheek looks so puffed and plumped than before. Many people said that it was the result from plastic surgery for botox. Botox may help her to smoothed the wrinkles and lines from her face. Her face may really smooth and there are no wrinkles there. But that plumped cheek seems a disaster for her. Not only botox, her face also showing the traces of nose job too. Her nose which bit bigger and wider in the past looks so pinched right now. The nasal bridge getting straighter with sharper tip too.

Shannen Doherty got the breast implants too

Speculation also claimed that the actress got the breast implant done too. The breast implant may not giving her sexual looks but yes its true that her cleavage appear bigger and larger. Her breast seems also getting plumped too and its obvious that the procedure of cosmetics surgery has performed there.

Shannen Doherty and her plastic surgery denial

It’s true that Shannen Doherty denied the speculation about plastic surgery. She said that she was raised with high self esteem so she doesn’t need plastic surgery even until now. She said that she doesn’t need to go too far with the surgery that to enhanced her looks.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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