Sharon Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before & After


Despite her age, Sharon Rachel Osbourne has proved her existence in entertainment industry. She has been known as talent show competition judge, music manager, and promoter, besides other business and occupations she has. This one of America’s Got Talent judge has made public admire both her looks and her abilities. Although she may not be as phenomenal as Cowell in giving criticism and judgment, Sharon’s success in managing and mentoring younger artists has made public loves her more.

One may think that she can be the role model of successful career woman who also success in maintaining her marriage life. Sharon and her husband are example of committed couple in the middle of celebrities’ broken families. These things make her seems like a perfect woman, doesn’t she? However, one thing she cannot change is her age which has reached around 60’s. She is still energetic, indeed, but her looks should also assist her endless charm.

Sharon, unlikely any other celebrities, has been admitted the surgeries she had. Although people can see clearly her smooth and tight skin in her age as something not natural, also the difference between her eyes and maybe her lip also, Sharon has been freely confessing her surgeries. It’s been said that her confession related with her son’s illness, which made her dwell in sadness.

Besides facelift, blepharoplasty, and perhaps lips enhancement also, Sharon was suspected to do something with her breast and waist. Whatever surgeries she did, it works to make her more appealing. She looks more shining and her charm even shown brighter. Her character becomes stronger as she finished the knife work with her face. It is unclear how many times she had to do facelift in order to remove her wrinkles and aging signs in her face, but it’s definitely works well on her.

As her husband also works in entertainment industry, Sharon Osbourne reputation is a credit to herself. She doesn’t need to sell her husband’s popularity because she has already proved her capability in so many entertainment areas. Knowing her successful story, it must be considered whether doing plastic surgeries is really important for her to do. The surgeries have made her looks more attractive in her age indeed, but in recent years it seems she has realized that the surgeries she did may not bring the true happiness in her life. Enjoying moments with her family, having healthy life, and still doing the job she loved to do are more important than having younger looks only to please other people and fulfilling her eagerness of beauty.

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