Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery Before & After


Beautiful, attractive, clever, and talented are the right characteristics to introduce Sharon Tay. She was born in Singapore. As the famous woman, Sharon is not far from the speculation and rumor. Because of her different appearance, certainly, public feel surprise. She was rumored doing plastic surgery to change her appearance. Her skin looks different. She used to have dark skin but now, she has the white skin. Beside, the cosmetic surgeries such as botox injection, fillers injection, and nose job are predicted had changed herself.

Botox Injection

Botox injection is famous surgery procedure which can make a perfect transformation for user. It was guessed being undergone by Sharon to change and to maintain her appearance. It may be her secret to show the perfect performance. She becomes always young with the tight skin and with the fresh appearance. Recently, she remains no have sagging skin looking clear on her face. Her age is so smooth although she gets old. It is indeed not natural for herself in her age. Because in her age which has achieved 50-ish, she should show the old sign such as the sagging skin and the wrinkles but those don’t seem on her.

Fillers Injection

To create the good result, fillers injection is speculated being conducted by Sharon to make the appearance better. Her cheek is the focus looked clear from her change. It seems fuller and tight. She is like undergoing the rejuvenation program to make her always young. The shape of her lips also change. She is like getting the filler injection too on her lips. Her lips becomes sexier.

Nose Job

Nose job also appears being undergone by Sharon to make the shape of her nose nicer. It can be looked clearly, her nose becomes narrower and upper. The tip also is smaller, nevertheless, her performance remains looking natural. It may be the effect of the conducting plastics surgery which is not too much.

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