Shayne Lamas Plastic Surgery Before & After


Shayne Lamas, young and beautiful actress who’s known as contestant and also the winner of American dating reality show, The Bachelor, has stolen public attention by her life changing processes. Engaged to Matt Grant after coming out as the winner of The Bachelor session 12, but eventually ended their relationship and then getting married to Nik Richie, the founder of gossip website, this young actress has experienced a lot of transitions along her life. Beside her life cycle transition, there is something different with her looks now.

Shayne Lamas Plastic Surgery

Shayne Lamas Plastic Surgery Before & After Breast Implants

Somehow if you see to her former photos as when she shown up in The Bachelor, you’ll find some differences compared to her present look. More charming, sexier, more beautiful. What makes she turned out to be “her” now? Rumors said that she has had some plastic surgeries, but is it true? By looking at these photos you may guess which part of her suspected as the surgery’s products. Skinnier hips, more seducing lips, and-surely-bigger boobs. At least, that’s what can be said from the photos. Some may say that she definitely did breast implant and liposuction. However, the actress hasn’t given any admission of those rumors.

Think about the changes she did with her face and body, it is questionable why did someone who managed to win famous American dating reality show still need to do surgeries with her face and body? Is it because her husband asked her to do so? Well, as the daughter of American actor, Lorenzo Lamas, Shayne might have been familiar with ‘celebrity family’ lifestyle. She must definitely know that most of actress has undergone plastic surgery to keep their beauty eternal. They are beautiful already, it’s true, but public always wants more. Besides, beauty is her asset, isn’t it?

See the picture when Shayne comes up with her new body in the beach with her husband. Seems tempting, huh? Yes, if you’re a man who loves watching big boobs and sexy body curve! Shayne’s present look, however, did make some woman be envious to her. However, it seems that beauty cannot bring her happiness. Lose her unborn child seems to drive her attention away from the craving of perfect looks. What else can make a woman happy in life besides being loved sincerely? Someone who loved you sincerely won’t ask you to change; otherwise you don’t need to change to make him loves you more. Shayne has found her right man in her life and also giving birth of a beautiful child. In spite of wondering her looks, she just should focused on her family and enjoy of being loved sincerely.

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