Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Before & After


We know that plastic surgery is not only dominated by female celebrity. This English reality TV celebrity, music and television producer and talent scout Simon Cowell is the other example that even male celebrity need surgery too. Simon Cowell not only male celebrity who got the plastic surgery done. Another actor starting from Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, even Johnny Depp were rumored got the plastic surgery procedure just like any female celebrity. And those male celebrity have almost similar pattern. The plastic surgery is to enhance their appearance and keeping the youthful looks. This American Idol judge is also doing the same thing. His plastic surgery is intended to giving his youthful looks.

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Before & After

Simon Cowell plastic surgery before and after

Simon Cowell first denied the speculation he got plastic surgery procedure done. But his before and after picture revealed to us something different here. The plastic surgery obviously seen from his face and he cant denied it any longer. It seems that the plastic surgery working well on him. But well of course plastic surgery having side effects too. Simon Cowell also experience the side effect from the plastic surgery. It left bit feminine looks from his face. And well can’t help that we should admit his before surgery picture is much better than the after one.

Simon Cowell get facelift and botox

Through his before and after picture, we realize that botox and facelift left their traces so obviously on his face. That face may looks smooth and elastic but the frozen forehead revealed that the botox were injected there. Not only that, the botox also makes that part looks elevated and left feminine appearance on his face. He may get this facelift procedure too which makes his face looks tighter than before.

He may get the facial filler too

Looking at how plumped his cheek is, it then lead the speculation he got the facial filler done. He may also get the skin rejuvenated by injected filler like Restylane and Juvederm into her epidermis area. It left his face looks bit swollen and looks a little bit unnatural too. But well it also makes his face looks youngger tahn his real age.

Simon Cowell has gone too far with plastic surgery

Many people then said that Simon Cowell plastic surgery is gone too far. It because the rumor that this man has spent more than £100 thousand for the facial treatment only. Unfortunately, there are no confirmation from this man regarding his surgery procedure.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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