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Every woman dream about having sexy body, pretty face, buxom buttock and big breast. This Romanian professional tennis player Simona Halep have everything and beside that she is also famous as currently ranked world No. 3. But having a big breast seems an obstacle for this beautiful tennis player who was born in the city of Constanța on 27 September 1991. At the age of 23 years old, this woman having big breast that will makes many women envy her. Don’t get it wrong because her big breast here is normal. Yes we don’t know why but woman will feel more confidence if their breast looks bigger and fuller. They feel sexier and of course people attention will lead to them. But shocking facts then delivered by women who have big breast naturally. They reported experienced several health problem especially back pain due having this big breast. Due our lovely tennis player feeling the same?

Simona Halep Plastic Surgery

Simona Halep Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Reduction

Simona Halep before and after plastic surgery

Lets observing Simona Halep before and after plastic surgery in hoping found her reason to get plastic surgery. Can’t help that this woman actually having natural big breast that may a gift from her genes. In before and after picture, you see that actually her breast is quite big and protruding. According to some reports, her breast size before the surgery is about 34 DD. That size is quite big for woman in her average. Then her before and after picture shows us that her breast looks smaller and less protruding than before. She has reduced her breast size from amazing 34DD to smaller size, 34C.

Simona Halep got breast reduction

It then lead speculation that Simona Halep has put herself under surgery scalpel to get the breast reduction done. The most possible procedure for her due her breast that looks smaller and thinner than before. She doesn’t lost weight that why the speculation that her breast looks smaller due losing weight is not true. It seems that the breast reduction help her to get smaller breast and she reduced the size so drastically.

What is Simona Halep reason actually?

Since the tennis player denied to talking about her breast reduction, she could only guessing why she reduced her breast size. First of all, she might experienced severe back pain problem due having big breast makes many woman experienced that pain. Second one is the big breast compound her move as the tennis player. Some movement in tennis forces her to swing her arms so strongly. And seems that having big breast makes her difficult to do this.

And what does expert says about her breast reduction?

Some experts said that they don’t feel shocked knowing Simona Halep got plastic surgery for breast reduction. Dr. Michael Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center in West Bloomfield, Michigan, said that since it’s her choice, he doesn’t feeling shocked anymore about it. “I’m not surprised that Simona Halep’s breast reduction has had such a positive effect on her tennis career. Many women find their athleticism improves after a breast reduction. The bonus for these women is that they become happier and have a more self confidence.”

Plastic surgery effect others:

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