Sofia Milos Plastic Surgery Before & After


Though blessed with good genes that makes their appearance like Goddess seems never make every women understand about it. Sofia Milos is an actress that not only blessed with great acting talent. This woman also having amazing appearance that gifted from the good genes. But It seems that the actress who was born on 27 September 1969 not really confidence with the fact that she is blessed with good genes. No wonder then she took the surgery to enhanced her appearance more. Lucky for her the surgery seems working well and she got successfully fight aging with it. But does she really need surgery to enhance her looks?

Sofia Milos plastic surgery before and after

Sofia Milos before and after plastic surgery picture revealed to us that she is blessed with amazing and beautiful looks naturally. But well though she is beautiful, she can’t hide the fact that she is getting older now. Though she looks old right now, but actually she remain beautiful and wonderful. So does she really need the surgery? People then wonder in which of her body the surgery has been performed. They then realize that mostly the surgery that was accused to her is to enhanced her looks and not only to preserve her youthful appearance.

Sofia Milos with her nose job

First, from her before and after picture, you will noticed that she got the surgery for the nasal area. Though her nose suit to her face, many claimed that it looks smaller and too cramped for her face. Actually she already having sharp nose though the cartilage bit wider at that time. The actress may not satisfied with it then tried another surgery procedure to make her nose getting slimmer and thinner like this day.

Sofia Milos Plastic Surgery

Sofia Milos Breast Implants Before & After

Breast implant for Sofia Milos

Beside nose job, the actress may get the breast implant procedure too. That breast looks bigger and larger even her body is quite thin. Its likely that the surgery makes her appearance sexier due her cleavage looks fuller and getting plumped too. It means that the surgery has makes her looks getting sexier due her breast looks bigger and fuller.

What does Sofia Milos answer?

It seems that the actress never let anything regarding to plastic surgery left from her mouth. The actress elf both admitting yet denied the speculation she got plastic surgery procedure. It seems that the actress tries to avoid public question regarding to her reason to get the surgery procedure since she is very beautiful naturally.

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