Stevie Nicks Plastic Surgery Before & After


Having though and controversial life by using cocaine and drug seems not enough for American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks. This woman then his by the speculation that she got plastic surgery procedure to preserved her youthful looks. Does it true? Well many people speculated whether this woman who best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac and was born on May 26, 1948 got the plastic surgery procedure. I mean that yes her life is quite though and full of controversy. She may named as one of the Greatest Singer All the Time. But her addiction to drug and cocaine seem ruined her life. And now as she getting older, another speculation buffeted her personal life again.

Stevie Nicks plastic surgery before and after

Many people will agree that Stevie Nicks before and after condition show us she got the plastic surgery procedure. And well can’t help that the result is not too success and seems put her life on gossip rock more. By observing her before and after picture, many people then asked whether she got plastic surgery to returning her physical looks after ruined by drug addiction. Though it kind of lame speculation, many people still wondering why she needs surgery since she is actually pretty, having melodious voice and great performance too.

Stevie Nicks before and after plastic surgery for breast implants

Knowing that Stevie Nicks having breast implant is a little bit shocking. We know she is kind of woman who never pout sexiness on her top list. But adding more volume into her chest is something understandable since she is ordinary woman. Her before and after picture shows us that her breast looks bigger and larger though its not the provocative one. The actress self admitting having breast implant and it was happen around 1976. It was reportedly that she spent almost $5,000 to $7,000 to surgery. Recently, there was rumor told that she had removed the implants.

Stevie Nicks may got the botox injection too

To keep her skin toned and tighter, the singer then received regular botox injection too. The botox injection help her removing frown from her forehead and kept is tight yet toned. Her forehead that looks bit elevated and lifted is clear indication she got botox there.

This is Stevie Nicks response

Regarding to her surgery, Stevie Nicks admitting it clearly and not hiding it just like any other celebs. ” In 1976, I had breast implants, they were silicone. And, you know, for several many years, it was cool. But then, it wasn’t cool, it was like, I definitely knew that something was wrong”. She also admitting having botox but she then disliking it.

Plastic surgery effect others:

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