Taylor Swift Plastic Surgery is not True


Just to let you know that there are not all of the Hollywood actresses did plastic surgery. Singers and MC are also can have a natural beauty. It means they are beautiful since they were born. Taylor Swift is one of it. However, there is still a rumor called Taylor Swift plastic surgery is real. What do you think about this rumor? I do not think it is true because the face of her is always same. From the first time she won the American Idol, she was already beautiful and until today, she has a natural beauty.

However, the netizen gossip that she might do not change her face look, but she must change her boob. Hello, everybody! Can you see the boob of her? Is it big and full? You will see that it is far from the word ‘sexy and full’ because the fact of it is it is small and thin. Still, the netizen said that she had a low boob filler. It means that she did it just to make her boob looks natural. Do you think she will do it? I do not think so that she will do it because her boob and body are originally thin. Since many American actresses did plastic surgery, it makes the rumor of Taylor Swift plastic surgery is also real.

We know the entertaining industry is full of fake and public may assume the negative generalize to the stars they hate. However, the truth behind the natural person who always wants to look natural is still. You may find some of them and because to the makeup development is widely used today with its perfect result, makeup also can change someone’s look. Not only someone’s look but also the shape and size of her face bone is also can be changed by makeup. Taylor Swift plastic surgery is very detail in its rumor, but I do not think so if it is about her boob only.

We may conclude that everyone has a weakness and it is not true yet if Taylor Swift changes her boobs size and position by plastic surgery. Why do not she thinks to change her face rather than her breast, especially because of she is a singer, not a model? You should notice the reason behind the rumor. We know the public has been criticized the Hollywood actress and most of the American actress by plastic surgery, but please be rational! There are still a lot of people, and especially an artist who care about their health and long effect of their life. Plastic surgery is a dangerous procedure with a good result. however, the cost to take it is also not a few.

Most of the artists today will think more rational, especially about the effect of the plastic surgery for their future. Therefore, maybe Taylor Swift is one of it who thinks smart before taking any action to her body. You also should notice that Taylor is a leading singer which make her own achievement so far and get many prizes and rewards of her dedication. It means, she is a smart artist. She will not do the thing that dangerous to herself. If you still doubt about it, you may ask some plastic surgery doctors. How many of them said that she had plastic surgery? It is a manipulation of makeup, and she is already born with skinny body size and shape. Taylor Swift plastic surgery is totally just a rumor by her anti-fans.

Knowing more about Taylor Swift means you are ready to notice her characteristic. She loves to stay healthy and explore her creativity on art. She is not shy to try something new or create something new as long as it is on the right track. How do you know about her personal is related to how do you know about her characteristic in her daily life. Maybe she is a perfectionist woman, but she tries to create it by herself and not want something instant.

So far, she glad to get what she has today although it stills a lot of weakness. Having her body which some people may say it is a fake is not a big problem to her. She focuses only to everybody who loves her. Therefore, she does not push herself to look perfect in everybody eyes. She is one of an artist who has a great mindset. To satisfy everybody;s eyes is not an easy thing to do and it could stop our career if we only think about someone’s opinion.

Taylor Swift plastic surgery rumor is never ended, but it looks like a side issue. We know that when someone on her popularity, there will be another one who gets envy and want to fall her. To spread this rumor is also a kind of a way to fall Taylor, but we know she never ends. She has too many things to make her stay in the entertainment industry and it is not only because of her plastic surgery rumors which can remove her from the music industry, especially. Get envious to Taylor Swift has no meaning to any artists because she always has something to stay in this industry. Her new project is waiting for everyone. It is because of she has a good attitude too rather than only has a smart mindset to create a new song. When she made something new, it must be booming and love by many people. To fall Taylor with plastic surgery rumor is totally a failed way to do.

To face this rumor, Taylor Swift has her own way to handle it. She faced it with a cool head and think smart about everything she has to do to handle it. What do you think about it? You may see something new on her mindset after you see how she clear this rumor on her way. She is mature and wise to handle everything and she is suitable to be a trendsetter of the artist for the younger generation.

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