The Beauty of Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery


Having a perfect beautiful face is a dream of many women, not least in older women or young, they all want to get a beautiful face. Getting a perfect beautiful face can be from the help of a doctor’s hand, whether it is by injecting vitamin C to make the face looks bright and chewy, impersonate the cheeks with the method of planting yarn or facial iron, and the most commonly applied women are increasing the volume on certain faces with the help of filler. Hearing the word plastic surgery, some things must be immediately imagined in your mind. They are such as the costly procedure and the unimportant procedure, up to reason of beauty coming from the testimony from the patients of plastic surgery. Not wrong indeed, but doing this is not entirely true. To be sure, plastic surgery procedures should be well thought out before it is done.

Gwen Stefani plastic surgery is one example. Gwen Stefani is reportedly doing some treatments on her body especially on the face and also performs wrinkle reduction surgery in the neck. She did this to make her looks younger and fresher side by side with his lover, Blake Shelton. Reported from the online site, it states that Gwen Stefani looks different than usual when he was caught by paparazzi cameras in New York City. This site also wrote that what Gwen Stefani is doing solely for the lover who was younger than her, Blake Shelton. No doubt, for health and medicine, America is at number one. However, to enjoy the treatment, the cost required is not small. But this is not the problem for Gwen Stefani. For people who don’t have enough money, the solution is looking for other countries that offer the more affordable treatment price without leaving quality. This phenomenon is widely known as medical tourism, and it becomes trend. It is emerging similar services from other countries. One country that takes advantage of health tourism especially in the field of plastic surgery is Thailand. This country manages to reap millions of dollars in profits. The result of plastic surgery of the doctors is fairly satisfactory although the cost is not as expensive in America.

Reportedly, Gwen Stefani goes to a dermatologist to do the treatment of Gwen Stefani plastic surgery. According to source, Gwen comes there to do Botox. However, she also makes some changes to her lips to make it look perfect. However, an online page claims that some information above is not true. Gwen Stefani has not done anything for now. It is reasonable that Gwen Stefani is rumored to do plastic surgery because lately she looks young at the age of 46 years. With a 6 year age difference with her lover, Shelton, it’s natural if Gwen Stefani wants to look young from her age now by using Gwen Stefani plastic surgery.

As we know, many people change their faces by using plastic surgery. When they are not satisfied with the end result, they also do not hesitate to repeat the plastic surgery until the face that they want is materialized. However, most people are too addicted to plastic surgery and often do it continuously in period of time. In the end, they will have the same face with other plastic surgery patients.

No doubt, some artists also do the same plastic surgery including Gwen Stefani plastic surgery. Gwen Stefani has had a lot of things lately such as the unfolding of an affair between her ex-husband, Gavin Rosdale, and her baby-sitter, and also her new relationship with Blake Shelton. However, there is no change from Gwen. It is the choice of fashion style that always attracts attention. Her presence on the red carpet immediately attracts attention. The queen of style is looking beautiful in a black dress. It is not the usual long black dress that Gwen had chosen, but it is a dramatic-looking, transparent dress with a cape-cut arm from label. The 46-year-old singer exposes the black underwear and reveals the legs. Gwen makes her appearance look balanced with natural makeup and pale lipstick. That way, the center of attention is in her black dress. Beyond the appearance of Gwen, transparent dresses are indeed a shining trend in this year until next spring. Just look at the runway of world fashion on the next September and October this year from Milan to Paris that showing transparent fashion trends. After that, we will know whether there is Gwen Stefani plastic surgery or not.

For the sake of existence and confidence, in addition to artists and residents in America, the teenagers from our country and other such as Korea, China, and Thailand, also has been infected with plastic surgery. Not a few teenagers in our country desperate to do plastic surgery just to make them look perfect in public. No half-hearted, most of them do fill the nose to look more sharp, plant the thread to make the cheeks look more gaunt, and the current trend is to make the lip volume increasing to look thick, full, and also sexy. Currently, of course there are still many people who think that plastic surgery users are women such as Gwen Stefani plastic surgery. Surely this opinion arises because the procedure is identical to beautify them. However, that opinion is no longer appropriate for today. Based on data from the American Society, it is noted that men performing plastic surgery is rising up to 273 percent. Remarkably in the last five years these men seem to be lulled into the trend of plastic surgery, because the number of procedures has increased to 43 percent.

How is it, buddy? Do you also want to try plastic surgery? Try to consider it first. Consider whether there are more benefits or losses gained. Life is a bet. Therefore, just be grateful with the beauty that you have. It is because the beauty from the face is not eternal. Be assured and grateful that what God has given is perfect. The more important thing is to make a beautiful heart.

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